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  1. So base in the next season be the fourth year of rebuilding and the postseason made of the last season, the 2021 season would be a semi-"win now" and semi- rebuilding season ?
  2. If this team wants to spend big money then it should be on the offensive and not the pitching, Hernandez and Rogers could filled the last two spots in the rotation.
  3. I'm not sure it's short-sightedness or not, but in the win now situation I would rather to keep Cooper and Aguilar than the prospects.
  4. Including the member of the frontoffice ?
  5. I know it, so I hope the team that won the first game of the WS to sweep the series to make the hot stove burning ASAP !!!
  6. My off-season anxiety disorder was outbreak again, keep checking the network all the time about the Marlins news, Marlins sign who ? Marlins trade who ?…
  7. It's really be the Florida style, I think we need to respect the Rays and just hope our Marlins would be as good as them as soon as possible, I would root for our Florida partner for their first WS title, they just deserved it.
  8. https://www.mlb.com/marlins/news/marlins-2020-key-offseason-questions "Hill’s contract expires at the end of the month, and the organization was waiting until after the playoffs to address his future. Based on the advancements the Marlins made in 2020, it appears a new contract will be extended. However, until a deal is in place, you never know."
  9. Just can't wait for the 10/28, the day the HOT STOVE burning !!!
  10. He just hits a tied game solo shot in the game 5 of ALDS.
  11. Seems have no any report about our new TV deal negotiations but I know it should be due to the not published, so we would have a new TV deal in place before the start of the next season anyway ?
  12. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/07/marlins-recently-extended-michael-hill.html Mike Hill's contract with the Marlins expired after this season, so where is the new deal !? I believe Jeter see him as the helmsman of this rebuilding, but what's the reason he's not yet be extended ? the job offering from other teams ? should we worry to lose him ?
  13. I even didn't know this Marlins song before, And this …
  14. For the pen, retain Garcia, Boxberger, Hoyt, Kintzler and even Vincent and Bleier. Aggressive in JT if they think it's time to spend big, WIN now or continue to LOSS.
  15. Yeah, sign JT first and the broadcast company would increase the value of the contract.
  16. So sad to the end of our postseason but at the same time I'm much pumped for the upcoming off-season, hope we would have a much better game time to our next postseason !!!
  17. Let's signing Mike Hill to sign FAs !!!
  18. Which one ? I only see the name of JT Realmuto.
  19. Just got swept in a three game series, see you in the next series !!!
  20. We could have 2-0 lead before this game, but it's baseball.
  21. Just can't wait for the next Marlins -Braves series.
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