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  1. So you’re saying just because he isn’t a prospect that means he’s not as valuable as a top prospect? Does it really make a difference?
  2. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    What a lost art..Time Bandits looks like a masterpiece.
  3. I haven’t complained about any other trade so far, not even the Vesia trade. You know nothing.
  4. So Luzardo isn’t a top prospect now? You won’t answer that, you just dance around on here basically. I already acknowledged the fact that Marte was just a rental, yet you ignore what I said about adding a prospect(s) to get a nice position player. It doesn’t have to be a top #1 prospect LOL. The point of my contention was not addressing the NEEDS. “You would have bitched and moaned about the return no matter what.” That’s completely false, but coming from a rat that jumped ship to follow the Cardinals..... Symptoms of a troll. • Not a fan of the team he’s posting about. • Threads his team’s victories in the losing team’s post game threads. • Talks in absolutes, Uses one liners, no substance, makes comments but rarely backs it up after a reply (Off topic threads especially). • Never/hardly says anything good about the teams. Did you even post here before you jumped ship? If not, that’s major trolling. I’ll research some returns this year and bring some actual data, then get trolled with your absolute one liners. Can’t wait!!
  5. How can anyone know that? We didn’t even know Luzardo was in the mix. I deny any idea that there wasn’t a positional controllable player available for Marte. You had the Giants, Yanks, A’s, Astros & Phillies as suitors and I’m supposed to believe all those teams offered pitching only? Or that their offers were so far off that you couldn’t even negotiate a prospect or two? Lol..We also had the high hill in leverage. Just ask yourself, was the trade worth the risk based on what we need right now? How does Luzardo help score runs? It’s like building a solid core and having a clueless manager putting them in the wrong positions to win. That’s what that trade was.
  6. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    Right on #1, #3, #5 & the actors names on #2 & #4 are right. #2 The Ultimate Warrior. #4 Pollock Pretty sure I seen your first movie and I do vaguely remember watching a trailer of that animation by Lucas. That’s all I got though. That horror miss list is: 1# Return of the Living Dead #2 Poltergeist 2
  7. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    Top 5 thriller/Drama
  8. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    You’re right on #4 & #5. #3 is close, just wrong order. I don’t really watch much horror. Those I’ll watch once a year. They are childhood memories staying up watching HBO.
  9. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    My top 5 horror.
  10. It’s not the player for player trade. Luzardo could be a great trade in that regard and Marte was just a rental, I get that. My contention from the time of the trade, was the need for a bat not a pitcher. We had prospects and the leverage to get a nice position player. When everyone can see that a couple key signings could put us in contention real fast and Ng said, the pitching has been good we just need more runs, it really made me completely lose my trust that they will do the right things after that trade.
  11. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    I’ll crown you as the Sci Fi movie expert. Lets test your skills in horror. But first, here is a sci fi that I have had at one time.
  12. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    1. Back to the Future 2. One Flew Over 3. Good, Bad, Ugly 4. Blazing Saddles 5. Don’t know. Maybe a planet of the Apes sequel. Cool list. I’ll do my top 5 for every genres.
  13. Sure glad we made that trade for Luzardo though. What did you say...You make that trade 10/10 times even if it don’t work out. Now you post this, the obvious when we could have solidified a nice positional piece for Marte. What catcher do you have in mind?
  14. 1.618

    Guess the GIF

    Watched this in the theatre. I’ll wait for other responders first
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