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  1. Samson is the epitome of what’s wrong with today’s journalism, in that it’s widely bias. He still holds a grudge that Pujols chose the Angels over the Marlins.
  2. It still has room to climb if he gets ROTY. I agree, I would sell short term though. With Jazz if you own one, that is a long term investment. You won’t regret it.
  3. Bullpen gms are effective when you have a full rotation with normal days off. We are going on a 4 gm series, no days off and you’re frustrated that we had to protect the bullpen with Castano, Neidert & Poteet (5th day starters). You basically want the big 3 and bullpen gms. Can you explain how that would work? The starters would get no rest and you couldn’t even use the pen for matchup sake. The offense kinda stinks? We rank near the half bottom in every category. They are the sole reason we have a losing record. The point differential is proof of that.
  4. I think this is the way to go. No more bullpen gms pls. They should close out gms win or lose.
  5. Yeah he’s bad compared to the big 3 but If we scored runs it would be manageable.
  6. It’s a mess because Lopez didn’t go deep enough in his start and we have no days off. Don saying it’s a bullpen gm only proves that he doesn’t have a direct plan when he says it’s a bullpen gm. He’s backpedaling and will continue to do so until we get a 4th & 5th rotation that does what it’s designed to do. The bats need to catch fire right now. Disagree with the 1-0 bullpen record. We are 1-1 losing the Holloway start. Going 3 or 4 innings is still a bullpen gm
  7. Kinda true that Madero was Yamoed. Not trying to sound negative but this organization is taking two steps back with every forward step. They are trying to fix one problem (rotation) just to brake another (bullpen). It’s incredibly frustrating that all the pressure falls on the pitching staff while the lineup is getting the free pass. Psychologically, that problem is going to filter too the pitchers and the bottom could completely drop out. The chain of command should be in question based on their methods. Not going with a 4th or 5th day starter to absorb INNINGS, while protecting th
  8. I agree and you had me thinking that competition is a big problem. The players here seem very supportive of each other with a family bond, which is great, but they aren’t getting pushed with serious competition. The scoring pattern is so dimensionally inconsistent that it feels like a mindset issue that relies on the other person first, before individual itself. That in turn causes inconsistency and laziness. Maybe this team understands that they won’t get pushed until later making them less assertive, IDK but they need a good kick in the pants. Flipping the lineup order isn’t going
  9. That’s a problem if they don’t use a 4th & 5th starter. It’s going to carry over and stretch out the pen with all these starts. One main attribute of a bullpen is the ability to be selective with matchups, that shouldn’t be compromised. Don is already hesitant about the bullpen for tomorrow because Lopez didn’t go deep tonight. Just bite the bullet and start Neidert. We can’t score runs anyways.
  10. That is an option, resting him later with Sixto and all. However, I don’t think this is an isolated problem that pertains too Rogers only, but with Sandy & Lopez as well if we need them down the stretch. What can management do? When they put out a 5th rotation arm, then they are not serious, when they go bullpen they are not serious. Then when nothing is working, the crybabies start whining about who is better, the bullpen or a 5th day journey arm when the source of the problem is the lineup.
  11. This place cracks me up. We are on our 3rd straight series without rest. Rogers is a rookie and is on a pitch limit. We are down Sixto and Elieser and still rank top 5 in ERA. This is an offense problem that is widely inconsistent. I said it earlier, if you start a 4th or 5th rotation arm, you have to ride the wave win or loss so the bullpen can be full strength when it opens and when it closes out gms. I think it will be detrimental to the bullpen if we don’t use a 5th arm in the rotation regardless if the bullpen is better which was never the point in the 5th spot.
  12. The schedule is brutal. Team needs a day off.
  13. My first thoughts when Don started Castano, was that maybe, he was saving the bullpen for the next day because Castano shouldn’t be the first choice to open a bullpen gm, so it must be a 5th rotation start. With that said, I figured why not give Sandy an extra day of rest. For this to play out Castano would have to absorb at least 6 innings to make it possible for the bullpen to start the next day, Instead down by 2 they use Det, Bender & Curtiss on a rotation start that went 4 innings. That’s fine by me, Mattingly was tryin’ to keep them in it, but why even go with Castano in the first
  14. Maybe so. Like I said I was hoping Castano could go 5-6 innings to push Sandy back and let the bullpen go today.
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