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  1. Having a trade fall through because of Alfaro would prove more incompetence then anything. I want to hear that teams like the Giants declined offers in the likes of Max, Cabrera, Eder and top tier prospects. That would be more accepted.
  2. They never had intentions of going all in or having a new look. It was a corporate stonewalling from what Marlin fans are asking.
  3. The bad part is we now have to endure a year plus of these catchers like we had with Alfaro. There is no forward momentum at all because of it and it will be their excuse for 2 years (we addressed that position with two catchers).
  4. They did none of this but the last part.
  5. The Luzardo trade was the biggest point of emphasis on how this FO operates. Big talk with bad direction and cheap commitment on winning next year. Yeah, we will have the best pitching rotation next year, but Marte was the wedge piece that would have shown how committed this FO is by getting a deal down or trading for the right type of players. (Bats)
  6. Appreciate that and good luck on your decision. I thought I would add some thoughts about that article so here goes. CNN: “A study published in April found spanking declined in the US between 1993 and 2017, partly due to changing attitudes among millennials and Gen X parents, who appear to be spanking their kids less than previous generations.” There’s a piece in that article that somewhat confirms my 20 year time frame when parents started to adopt a more lenient attitude on spanking. Although I believe it really became more prevalent as “the right thing not to do” in the early 2000’s. It appears the change in attitude was more of a cultural movement rather than actual scientific substance. I’ll try and prove down below. CNN: “The pediatricians' group suggests adults caring for children use "healthy forms of discipline" -- such as positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors, setting limits and setting expectations -- and not use spanking, hitting, slapping, threatening, insulting, humiliating or shaming.” CNN: “hitting a child with an object; hitting or slapping on the face, head or ears; throwing an object at a child; beating; hitting with a fist; punching; kicking; washing a child's mouth out with soap; throwing down; choking; burning; scalding; and threatening with a knife or gun," Gershoff said.” The article clearly lumps all the forms of discipline together without seperating spanking which is the main issue so aren’t you being a bit devious in your tittle attachment? No offense partner. CNN is doing what CNN does, mislead people in believing lies are truths. CNN: “One study, done in Colombia in South America, found that young children who were physically punished gained "fewer cognitive skills" Look at this masterpiece. Here’s one study? Yep, they added “one” study to prove that children who were physically punished (didn’t say spanking how convenient) “gained”(WITW) “fewer” (make up your mind) cognitive skills. I would like to know what is the degree of difference between the physically punished and the ones who weren’t. It was one test how hard could it be to chart out the margin of difference here, beside it doesn’t matter. They are mixing all forms of punishment together because the one punishment “spanking” is contextual unlike all the others that are clearly abusive. The article is a bottomless pit of bad journalism, all agenda based for one primary reason, to take fundamental Christianity out of society completely. I can say this because I was spanked. It’s the one thing my dad did right.
  7. This is some Charles Xavier mutant intelligence stuff right here.
  8. I don’t deny that it can be but I think context is the key. No one should spank their kids without first telling them why and what for. They should also make it clear it’s because they love them before and after. Kids aren’t dumb they will understand it as everyone learns from lessons in life. I do agree that you should never cross the line from proper correction and nothing more that would be abusive. Love should be the center in anything discipline. More times than not, just the sound does the trick not the actual force applied but every child is different. I might go into it a bit more and research the mental weaknesses in society based on the time frame when spanking became an issue. Again, I’m not saying spanking is the best remedy for every situation because it’s not. There’s definitely some context too it.
  9. Yep. I think that season he had a tragedy in the family so I really was pulling for him.
  10. You sure know your stuff. I agree with your Jazz post. Kid just needs to chill a bit, take what you get and work with it.
  11. 😆 Yeah bad example but it was pretty sweet how a player can either fall and rise and make up a lot of ground. Do you remember when Javier Vazquez had a 360 turnaround in the 2nd half of his last season with the Marlins? I think Im getting that right.
  12. For sure. It was almost an every bat occurrence.
  13. Oh yeah Jazz for sure. I think Jazz struggles are linked with his personality at the plate. To much confidence and not knowing his role as a lead off hitter.
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