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  1. I was taking about still following certain players.
  2. The most frustrating part was/is the lack of urgency and transparency. From withholding Sanchez too not addressing the fans (Jeter). I could understand the direction they went this year (not heavy into FA) because of last year’s run so whatever, fine. If they don’t fire Don before the end of July, then that will put me under a stone. Imagine being sellers and still having Don as our manager. This is the type of stuff that caused Realmuto and Yelich to ask for a trade. I’ll always be a fan of our players and watch from afar. We should have the best rotation next year so there’s that.
  3. Don’t worry, I won’t forget to mention Lopez’s BA. That’s the best part to set her free
  4. When my daughter asks me one day, dad why do you love the Marlins? I’ll sit her down with a smile and say, because we were the only team to ever use a pitcher to pitch hit in the 9th inning down by one.
  5. I said this yesterday, if they don’t fire Don before the trade deadline, we might see a surplus of trades including Marte. If so that will be big stain for the FO in my book.
  6. Can they just fire the whole coaching staff and see if that is the problem with this team. Just start somewhere.
  7. Of course. Don needs to put in some weekly & monthly goals and go from there
  8. I would start by telling Jazzscam that his social media needs to be controlled. No more Twitter for a while.
  9. 1 walk yesterday 11ks That’s a bold prediction
  10. FishFry


    I think it would be more accurate to say that people have put it in question. That doesn’t mean they believe it altogether. Although I don’t believe it’s a microchip, it’s hardly dumb to question it with the covid mandates, curfews and guidelines that have forced so many of us to be restrained. We should be under the realization that another variant outbreak could lead to new laws demanding full compliance with some sort of medical clearance. With that said I don’t think its some obscenity if one believe it to be a chip.
  11. Any urgency would be irrational to this FO
  12. If they don’t fire Mattingly before the trade deadline, that’s what could happen.
  13. I don’t trust management at this point when they can’t even evaluate their own players (Bender)
  14. I think it’s more the FO trying to save face for the mistake of giving Bass the closer position while Bender was sent to the minors at seasons start. They just trying to beat a dead horse that died a month ago. This team is upside down.
  15. If they do trade him, he needs get closer reps so we get top capital. The worst case scenario is if they trade him with the belief that he’s not a set-up or closer when he very well could be. Id prefer we keep him.
  16. Ross Stripling 4.64 Sandy Alcantara 3.09 Need a series win, not gonna lie, it’s a must get at this point. Lineup looks the same as the Cubs series. Go Marlins!!
  17. Said foul on game day and counted for a strike
  18. Once Floro pitched the 9th, it ruined the moment of wishful thinking, knowing Bender is still behind in order.
  19. Good to know that Lopez had his best game after the no sticky rule.
  20. For me, It will be telling how they manage Dickerson’s role once he returns. He should be regulated to a role/platoon duty only. The R/L lineup is now balanced so that shouldn’t factor in. Tomorrow’s lineup will be telling as well. I want a series sweep with the mind of a playoff lineup. If Don and the FO are wise they should hope for a clean slate here and rewrite a bad start. Great team win.
  21. Someone needs to tell Pablo that he is pitching with a big lead. Lol
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