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  1. I don’t think the A’s would have made this trade based on that context you painted and I’m pretty confident they had those same thoughts. With that said, it makes it a bit more skeptical if the trade was made because of his hand injury that they feel could be more damning from their perspective. Let’s be real, no team is going to get a pitcher like Luzardo for Marte unless that team feels he could be somewhat damaged, wouldn’t you agree?
  2. We should all thank Mack for not asking for a smudge more or he probably wouldn’t.
  3. I think everyone agreed, Marte alone wasn’t going to pay the bill for Bart. The point of contention was your belief that the Giants wouldn’t trade Bart for Marte and pitching prospects who weren’t ready. I agree with your points on Luzardo.
  4. Alfaro will help on framing not worried at all.
  5. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Starring Cooper as Bubble Boy.
  6. Im the biggest supporter of building around pitching first so in no way am I complaining about the trade. It’s just message board talk for me based on the pros and cons nothing more.
  7. You forgot to mention this: “Triple-A level in 2021, where he's sporting a 6.52 ERA and a bloated walk rate (more than one every other inning) after eight outings” It’s still a viable risk based on injury and yes, he has mighty struggled or the A’s wouldn’t have traded him. Again I’m not saying the trade is good or bad but rather it’s a bit of a risk more than I’d be ok with IMO. I already know all the Marte details at this point.
  8. That makes sense and we could always counter trade for another CF like Eric mentioned. But trading for a pitcher who has mightily struggled after breaking his finger is somewhat alarming for a player of Martes interest. I think the article and fantsy video does a good job at the pros and cons for each side because let’s face it, there are some major risks here based on that article that I wouldn’t have expected us to take for Marte.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/starling-marte-trade-athletics-acquire-outfielder-from-marlins-for-jesus-luzardo-per-report/amp/ This is really informative. The fantasy video is worth listening. With that information, Im a bit surprised we would take any risks for a player like Marte. I understand the risk and reward with controlling benefits but in this stage of the game, I thought a bat (CF or C) would be the complete focus for Marte. Not trying to be negative, but it’s seems like a risky play intself without addressing the need directly for Marte. Isnt everyone tired of players who are still unproven?
  10. When the Giants asked about Bryant I figured that was probably the ends for Bart with us.
  11. I wanted Bart so I’m a bit bummed out is all. 😃
  12. Losing a pitching prospect for a CF would cancel out Luzardo in a way especially if it’s Eder or better. I understand all the controllable benefits and I’m not saying the trade was bad. That will be decided if they make more trades for a CF like I mentioned above.
  13. Not complaining about the trade. It’s a bit surprising it was for a pitcher, so it leads me to this question. If we traded a pitching prospect for another CF, wouldn’t that be a push as we just traded a CF for a pitcher?
  14. Can’t believe these guys question you.
  15. Spanking your child became a big issue 20 years ago and we are seeing the byproduct of it now. Regarding sport athletes, its about self entitlement, larger than life persona built entirely by the social media. The movie American Psycho isn’t so far fetched if they could get away with it.
  16. Only on Twitter will you get 80+ likes for something as risky as this is.
  17. Das: “Everyone stay calm and go back to your rooms”.
  18. They should bench Marte until the deadline is over. Risking an injury at this juncture would be pointless.
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