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  1. Was it the color of the logo more than the name back in the day?
  2. We are talking about multiple teams who are competing against other teams for a player of need and each situation is different. I can’t judge Marte’s value if I don’t have all that information on me nor can you. This isn’t a value chart like a NFL draft trade or something. Your battling an unknown measure of each team’s willingness to go all in. Marte and a few decent prospects could land Bart. Doesn’t matter if those prospects are ML ready either. It helps but it’s not a deal breaker for a team who in need of the main piece.
  3. It’s not like the Giants must only take starters because they are buyers. Yes, that is the main reason obviously, but with a centerpiece like Marte that can help now, they should be willing take some prospects and be ok with it. I highly doubt that the Giants would turn down Marte just because they didn’t get every player who is ML ready. Its like not wanting any help at all just because its not 100% convenient. Besides, we have some arms that have been decent this year. It’s not like every player has to be Greg Maddux.
  4. You are the only one who brought up pitching prospects, not me. I changed my mind about Lopez, I would be fine with that.
  5. I’m not disagreeing, but why did so many teams pass on him? I thought the experts projected him as a top 4-8 pick. Kinda felt like a disclaimer was in play to be passed on until the 16th. Hope you’re right.
  6. I can guarantee that as well. I disagree with the 3 pitchers you mentioned for Bart under the circumstances
  7. Yeah well, I’m not sure Hill had much of a choice with Loria. We will see soon enough.
  8. The focus for the Giants is only for this year. Being a team in need to make that playoff push gives the sellers the leverage at a higher premium. Every playoff push the Marlins made they over spent, that I remember. Marte is a huge asset regardless of him being a rental next year.
  9. I think you’re looking at it wrong. For the Giants it’s about this year, going all in. It’s not equal talent for talent or position for position for them. That’s how this works and Ng better get it right.
  10. I feel like Mack being a HS grad with options is going to go over his slot value like I mentioned before. Getting a comp pick back for Watson is not the end of the world but the value of the pick really hurts in this case. Maybe it would have been better not having that extra first round pick just in the sense of signing Watson. This also makes me question, does teams receive extra compensation (pool money) with the extra picks? I know the answer is yes but the pool seems low to begin with.
  11. I knew you would. Lol...Thanks!!
  12. Wonder if the bullpen has logged in more innings than any other team. It seems like it has.
  13. I want Donnie to lose every game honestly. Let him feel what we feel. He treated the season as just another game and now I’m supposed to care. I hope he gets the same measure, I think that’s what we’re seeing. It sounds cruel but he really gave us the middle finger treatment.
  14. IDK, with Mack being just a HS grad he has options. Knowing that, like Watson he could be the potential pick that puts them over the budget. I’m no expert, but as @FishFan95 said, we still have that 5% at the risk of losing a first rounder next year. However, I don’t think that’s an option. I would rather lose Mack’s (2.4M) if he wants a premium based on his HS leverage. Sign Watson and get a compensation pick for Mack next year as well?? Hopefully, Watson doesn’t flip flop on his 5M asking price either. I think it’s imperative that they sign Watson with how the FO has done us dirty this year.
  15. Thats what I said earlier Frisaro. I posted this on the FIRST page. Thats probably where he got it from tbh. The gift of being right all the time is my curse. • Package deals only, quality over quantity. That means some of our prospects as well • Top ready to play prospects/players only. • Three way trade partners if you don’t like the main suitors. Better chance to get a player who is major league ready. • No more fringy batting prospects. They need to be consistent all around the board. The farm is already heaped with average and busters. • Don’t trade just to trade. Teams will catch on and we will lose strength in negotiations. I’m 100% sure Ng is going to mess this up. I’ll admit it if I’m wrong.
  16. Sorry, didn’t see your post sooner. I don’t think Pablo can sustain his current peripherals he is on. His ERA matches the numbers you mentioned so it’s not a fluke in that regard. My comment was more opinion based which is basically guaranteed these days. I said this before, that Pablo is a young Anibal Sanchez. If Pablo’s ERA sits between 3.30-3.40 at years end (my projection), that wouldn’t surprised me any, since I’m right so many times on here. My track record is nearly flawless . A good manager would know this by now. Of course, there are a few haters, but I know I have a huge unregistered fan base that reads my posts like I’m some sort of sports fantasy guru.
  17. Donnie isn’t doing him any favors. He is basically a lefty specialist. I’m surprised he held up as long as he has.
  18. We don’t have a deep bench because we need as many bullpen arms for all these bullpen starts.
  19. A starting pitcher over bullpen games is far more beneficial by having a deeper hitting bench, (it’s been limited) not taxing the pen (they are on fumes) and you can pitch by matchups (haven’t seen all year),
  20. So if Watson asks for top draft slot money, let’s say in the 1-5 selection, that would go against the MLB policy?
  21. I never felt such apathy from a FO and I’ve been a Marlin fan since their expansion. It’s not all about spending money either, it’s more about their attitude, how they know more than anyone and don’t have to answer to anyone kind of mentality.
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