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  1. Does any really believe they will even sign Watson? When Ng said, we expect him to sign but it’s going to take time, that was a red flag and reminded me of the same cheap talk with Marte. Either be committed or stop pretending
  2. I know it feels like a blow out right now, but Bass ahead of Bender? This FO is poised to prove they been right when constructing this heap of dung.
  3. So Bass somehow slips ahead of Bender in the bullpen rotation?
  4. I thought I read on the forum that MLB may implement pushing back the mound. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I agree with everything you’re saying although with Pablo, he’s reached his max value and his numbers aren’t sustainable. I’m also a bit concerned for him when the new mound rules take effect next year. The difference between Sandy and Pablo is that Sandy can sustain a 3.00 ERA with slumps because he has better stuff. Pablo is a pitcher’s pitcher if he slumps or they figure it out, he will be a middle rotation piece. That’s not bad, but he has ace value right now with a surplus of pitchers who will be ready next year. This could be a bit of a reach, but Pablo as a pitcher is like Cooper as a hitter. If Coop didn’t slump the first 2 months he would have All Star numbers that would look as impressive as Pablo’s. Cooper would be our Mike Trout (a bad example). That’s how we are viewing Pablo right now, when he’s somewhere in the middle.
  6. Rojas just went 3-4 and is batting after Panik. Lol
  7. • Package deals only, quality over quantity. That means some of our prospects as well • Top ready to play prospects/players only. • Three way trade partners if you don’t like the main suitors. Better chance to get a player who is major league ready. • No more fringy batting prospects. They need to be consistent all around the board. The farm is already heaped with average and busters. • Don’t trade just to trade. Teams will catch on and we will lose strength in negotiations. I’m 100% sure Ng is going to mess this up. I’ll admit it if I’m wrong.
  8. One of the guys Aramis Ramírez mentioned in that mistreatment article about Bob Brenly.
  9. Harrison was added so that’s something OF I guess IDK, seems like a potential trade move honestly.
  10. Hopefully this doesn’t mean a Rojas trade? Maybe something to do with Panik. Do they really need another left handed infielder. I think it’s a precautionary move until the trade deadline.
  11. In many places the education and family structure of whites is just as bad as blacks. We just dont talk about it. Appalachia is one of the greatest examples of this. 'The White Man' can keep themselves in power when they do all they can to ensure that other races dont achieve the same 'status' in society as the white man. Perception is power. What status? Can you tell me what a white person can do that a black man cant? Wish the white liberals would stop speaking for them. Isn’t that the definition of white privilege? If we are in a society where all races were treated equal then you'd have real comparisons. Black on black crime is not a white man's fault. But white on white crime isnt a black man's fault. Per FBI data from 2013: 2,491 murders of black people reported in the U.S. in 2013, 2,245 perpetrators (90%) were black and 189 perpetrators (7.6%) were white. Of 3,005 murders of white people, 2,509 perpetrators (83.5%) were white while 409 perpetrators (13.6%) were black. So ya. Don't believe the idiotic memes floating around the Internet. Of course there is white on white crime, the numbers back it up. White people generally surround themselves with the same race just as does the black community so the % of same race crimes are going to look similar. But that wasn’t my point. I’m taking about the % of crimes committed between the two races. Keep in mind that Blacks make up only 13% of the population. (2019) Black/White Murder/Manslaughter: 5,660/5,070 Robbery: 39,290/33,290 Here are some hate crime statistics. that go more into the issue. Since 1996-2019, Anti-Black hate crimes have gone down from 12.98% per 100k to 5.62%. per 100k. However, other race hate crimes have risen since 2014-2019 at a 2.60% per 100k mainly in the Jewish communities. It appears the numbers are improving for one race and that is great. White Americans may have needed a wake up from some systematically racist point of view. However, the problem could also stem from a prejudice caused by the high Black crime rates.
  12. Wish Don would have said it like that.
  13. Besides the 2 dodger games, Sandy would probably be at a 2.00 ERA this year. We know he tipped his pitches the first game and they seemed to know what was coming later in the 2nd game.
  14. Lopez = Anibal Sanchez. We could land an Adrian Gonzalez type bat and more right now if we get lucky.
  15. @Das Texan Whites are scared of equality of other races, because then that erodes power. Look at the trends of the GOP. The GOP tends to SMOOTH out the liberal policies by the left, at least that’s what they want us to believe. For example with Trump, he campaigned on illegal immigration reform. In doing so the GOP was/is viewed as a white supremacy which simply isn’t true. Consider free welfare, IF it’s over-inflated by the Left and becomes a point of focus from the GOP that could be considered racist as well. You want to talk about crime: A white man can get away with talking back to a copy 9 times out of 10 more than a black man or a man of any other race. The same applies for a white woman. So as a result, the actual 'crime rate' for whites from a % of population will remain lower because of this itself. I've seen plenty of evidence to support this both from video, to actual conversation with people. 9 out of 10? The point of lesson that should be made is, if you wise off a cop, you get what’s coming. I see it more and more, people trying to bait the police and call racism immediately after. Victimhood at its finest. But back at your point. I would have to consider the demographics and the crime habits of that area first before I judge how a cop defuses a potential problem. I do believe there needs to be some police reform. There is plenty of white on white crime. We call it 'crime'. We call black on black crime as 'another black man killing another black man'. Maybe if the media stopped focusing on white supremacy (white crimes on blacks) then the other wouldn’t be mentioned at all. I’ll break down thosevnumbers you posted here soon.
  16. I think that was a reach. A HS pick who possesses speed at a catcher position? No thanks.
  17. It looks like he has the “it factor”
  18. I want the worst available catcher. Never mind we have Alfaro.
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