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  1. It’s on the 4th page of the “Ng Answering Questions” thread. I believe I was the first to say 3/50 and you gave me the only like so yeah, you and I were the first at that price. Michael also agreed (I think) but added a 4th and/or 5th year pay based on incentives. Page 4 tells it all.
  2. Isn’t Red Herring another form of what race baiting does more or less?
  3. My counter point from my post and yours is that blacks (pardon me if that sounds racist) make up 13% of the US population making it impossible for all things to be counted as equal. This also applies to positions of higher promotion as well. It’s process of elimination just by the numbers and qualifications not by discrimination. Yet, American sports are vastly populated by the minority making themselves rich from the larger (white) population. Everything should be in context instead of agenda.
  4. Well, Don did put him in to close. That in itself was a miracle. I’m sure everyone had Bender penciled in at closer before yesterday’s game though.
  5. Here is a question about Racism. If you entered into a work place and you noticed that out of 10 employees only 2 of them were black, would you consider that Racism?
  6. I can’t believe I even assume that Bender was our new closer. What was I thinking.
  7. It took an ERA under 1.00 (0.71 to be exact) with half a season gone by just for Bender to be the closer. Why anybody would risk Bender for an 8th inning massacre in a losing season when he’s been demoted for a similar situation is....Almost Donnie like.
  8. We seen Bender in this type situation were he inherited 2 runners in the 7th thanks to Bass He walked and made an error and took the fall pushing him back Into the 7th role while Bass has the 8th again. This is why I didn’t want to see Bender in the 8th with bases loaded. Not because he isn’t the best arm, but because he would be scapegoat and lose the closer spot with this inept organization.
  9. Bender in the 8th would fix one problem but lead to another. Who would pitch the 9th? You could flip flop Bleier and Bender and go for broke. The narrative of losing would be they needed rest. No more Bass. He should have been replaced by Holloway. He’s 1-4 with a career 10-20 W/L record. I think Curtiss should’ve pitched the 8th. You been active on Curtiss lately and rightfully so, that’s all that you needed to say really.
  10. The problem with that is not knowing how good or bad this team really is. If Don was fired and the team looked totally different with a new coach it would show that the FO isn’t so much at fault with the roster and we could approach next year to what is really of need.
  11. Start Bender on fastballs. Be a closer.
  12. I was clocked at 23 mph in high school. Heck yes!!
  13. Guess I’ll just be the janitor.
  14. Is Zach Pop @ZfromCIS? pitch some strikes son.
  15. DH next year. Ng told me.
  16. Now ask him to remove his hat Don. Keep it up.
  17. Probably do a double steal here for good measure
  18. Dodgers hit Alcantara hard. Same thing for Rogers? Tipping pitches that is. Jazz is out of tune. Get it guys....out of tune. Errrrrr
  19. You know when something isn’t right but you lack a bit of awareness of Y and Z. You also a quick draw shooter ready to shoot before asking the victim the question “Do you feel lucky, punk?” You kinda need moral support although you’re courageous individual. You could be the 3B coach 😉
  20. @Rydawg would be my first consideration as a GM/Owner. @Michael I guess he’s qualified in my book as a top coaching candidate. The only knock I have with him and some of the names mentioned below is that they were late bloomers to the mischief of this team.
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