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  1. @Rydawg would be my first consideration as a GM/Owner. @Michael I guess he’s qualified in my book as a top coaching candidate. The only knock I have with him and some of the names mentioned below is that they were late bloomers to the mischief of this team.
  2. The A’s rank 11th in team ERA and 20th in batting ave but have a 13 wins above .500 The Marlins rank 5th in team ERA and 21st in batting ave yet are 12 losses below .500 Keep in mind, the A’s also have the DH. The Marlins roster isnt bad. It is horribly coached and managed is all
  3. Probably. I just don’t know how to react too that besides feeling more frustration.
  4. Ripping a paper and not Don just covers up the problem.
  5. This game defines the 2021 Marlins.
  6. Maybe the force out at home I guess. Don’t agree with it
  7. Why did they walk Arcia? Lol
  8. Twitter is ruining sports.
  9. It didn’t really. But he still doesn’t understand matchups or when a player is breaking down
  10. If it goes into extras at least Cooper and Jazz will be in the lineup
  11. Right or wrong at least it’s not Bass.
  12. You know Bass will pitch the 8th and Bender 7th. Bass would face the top of the order.
  13. I think Don walked Albies with Yimi last time
  14. Yimi needs to pitch 2 innings here
  15. Almost at the half way mark. Unfortunately some of these players may be traded so there’s that. A lot of laughers in this one. Keep in mind some predictions were made before spring training.
  16. If the Marlins are fined or suspended, they can never pitch inside to Acuna again basically. That’s what they would be saying
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