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  1. Maybe I'm still shell shocked from Loria, but that trade seems a little Loria-esque for the Cubs. You make good points with Realmuto so I could be off. I'm no expert either. Maybe the answer is more relative to perception than an actual market? IMO the Realmuto trade was decent but I think we could have gotten more. We took all the risks, Sixto had an injury that put him out a years time? Alfaro seemed like a filler for the position we needed. I think we could have gotten more. Bryant is a 3X all star, MVP and rookie of the year. He's not going to fly under the Cubs radar.
  2. Getting him out of Atlanta would be a big incentive.
  3. The Bryant trade makes sense but the asking price is still going to be one of Bleday, Max or Lopez plus another couple of mid range prospects. The problem is if he has a great FA year, we will be stuck into a situation like Phillies. Not only did they lose Sixto, but they may lose out on Realmuto. I agree we need let these youngsters develop. But trading for a one year rental with the risk of him walking isn't worth it. Wouldnt it be better just sign Ozuna and downgrade to Molina?
  4. Its great that the media has pushed equality. But they seem to push an agenda to cause division even after the belief they stand for is being practiced. Just like the tweet you just posted. Amazing!!
  5. Well it helps to the argument that it's not just a PR move.
  6. Hill had that title, how much he could preform in it was probably circumstantial depending on the situation, specially with Jeter, who didn't make that hire. Ng should be respected with more liberties because she was personally hired by Jeter and has a nice track record to back it up. Hopefully Jeter keeps the gloves off and lets her be accountable to the title of her employment.
  7. I wasn't referring to you at all. Its was just a precursor before we know how much she signed for.
  8. If Jeter looks past the boundaries of conventionalism, then whatever her salary is, will be just as genuine. Don't make this a trap game for Jeter if her pay doesn't equal the highest qualified of GMs. Promotion is just as rewarding as salary.
  9. And that should have been the main point, not money. That is what Jeter is looking for, transparency.
  10. Some of us are conditioned that way. To much of one thing, blinds our sense of reality and whatever looks remotely similar is perceived to be the same.
  11. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.
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