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  1. Any takers? with all the 2003 comparisons, it sure gets my attention. Here is another oddity, mentioned by another poster who has compiled a decent list of them. A win tomorrow would mirror 2003 exactly. In 2003 we clinched, winning the first game in the seasons final series against the N.Y. Mets. If we win tomorrow it won't be official, but it could be the conclusion to winning the wild card.
  2. I think Yimi should close. Put Kintzler in the 3rd set-up role.
  3. They hit off of Rogers and Sixto in the first and second innings, with strike two counts and few strike outs.
  4. The series definitely had some crazy responses by the Braves.
  5. Yes what a relief. Now Toddinator will think we score with RISP.
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