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  1. This is one of the few games I bet on the fish this season. Let's go me boys.
  2. Bringing back Ozuna to play first base would be so stupid. Bring back Bour this season instead once he's released. Would be nice to watch a HR now and then.
  3. Seems like the Marlins got the upper hand on those two.
  4. Billy the Marlin in the Phillies dugout was hilarious
  5. They saved 3.8 million. That’s why they did it.
  6. So we get Walker instead of DD and Jeter saves (steals) a coupple of millions. #fuckingterribul#
  7. The farm seems to be viewed by most as "average" or "middle of the pack" right now. JT is the only trade chip left that can bring the Marlins a blue chip prospect or close to a sure thing (which some say they still haven't gotten). They should continue to sell of what they can if the want to have anything like a good foundation when (if ever) payroll is to increase.
  8. Set him free. No one with any talent are going to want to stay on this upcomming decade of rebuilding.
  9. Of course it is but he said before the year. I think there is a small but not non-existential chance he's on the opening day roster. Even with the fire sale there will still be a need for someone too hit a homerun now and then to at least give the appearance to the casual baseball goers that they are trying to win a game now and then. Bour really should be kept by this sole reason. Not a great market for that type of player, home run derby participant last year, hits HR:s and not expensive. If someone wants him in July you trade him then.
  10. Of course he is. Do you have the exact percentage ? You posted before that there is "0 chance" he's not getting flipped before the year. I'll take that action.
  11. More financial relieeef !!!! Love it. Wages are for owners and staff not players. Call Casey Mcgee we need a new clean up hitter.
  12. There is no way a rebuilding Marlins will be competitive in three years. Also. Every player shold be marketed. Even realmuto and yelich. The one player I think maybe gets to stay is Bour. There are many options at first base for other teams to chose from and he's been a little injury prone. And someone needs to hit a dinger every now and then to keep the coming years 10~15.000 in attendance hoping.
  13. Sick if we loose a walk off again
  14. Nice to sweep the mets. What a terrible lineup they have without grandersson, duda, bruce, cespedes, comforto...
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