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  1. They do have the "ophie" (I think) concession where you get the $5 rolling rock draft and $3 hot dog and the $5 pork tacos.. Beer is a good deal for me, I never want 16 oz of beer. Funny about the AC. Our seats for the past few years were in Sec 11 but towards the low number seats. The A/c was blowing so hard, your hair would be flying and it was freezing. I don't think they fixed it yet but we did have our seats moved all the way to the left and it is perfect, or much better. My wife and daughter were cold in July in Dolphin stadium, so they don't count.
  2. Went last night, boy, no matter what I did at the game, the experience was terrible. Could not see much out of the back windows, the latin band in the outfield stands banging on the drums gave me a headache and it did not feel like the international world cup no matter how loud they played and the team got shut out again and gave up 11 runs to a team that was coming in with a 7 game losing streak. I don't know why they did not open the roof to improve the experience-at least the game could have been rained out.
  3. Yams? ha ha. Heard someone on the team call him Jordy as his nickname. All told, baseball nicknames are mostly lame.
  4. But not the fact that the team often times is as exciting to watch as a snail race?
  5. I went last Friday and we were down big early. The atmosphere also sucked, mostly because the Marlins are sucking. But to improve the experience, I suggest the standing room only section and turn your back on the game so you could look out the panoramic view of downtown Miami. I understand the front office felt this was another big draw. If you had a bad time, you probably did not engage socially with other fans. Remember this from our now departed Chipper: “One of our priorities for this offseason was enhancing the group and social spaces at the ballpark,” Bowers said. “We have been able to accomplish that goal with the addition of the aforementioned concepts as well as the expansion of the viewing platform at the Budweiser Bow Tie Bar. In addition, we wanted to utilize these spaces to create a sense of community and encourage social engagement among fans.”
  6. We just went in to Milwaukee and took 2 out of 3 and blowouts. Why wasn't that the determining factor? Not saying it is, but no more so is the Brave series at home. Just another series while we grow.
  7. Add a meaningless home run, albeit a long one, to the numerous missed opportunities with RISP or popping up bunts and you still get a net zero. Sure, I would love to see him really break out, but need more. I felt all along Harold should have broken out with the team after ST but knew the 40 man roster issue would keep Herrera there. Good for Rosie, let's see a lot more.
  8. We don't need reminders of those trades that netted us Cashner, Rodney and Latos (in a roundabout way). I think the only thing left from that series of mishaps is Guerrero.
  9. Tigers in a rebuild-love this on their chat room.
  10. We need Hill, if for nothing else that he is a close human cure for insomnia.
  11. Where did Yadiel find the HR switch? 4 in two games.
  12. Rotating the same crap. Dean has been doing this a number of times, hitting great in the minors, getting called up and then being around .230. It really does not matter, but does not fall under the guise of "earning" anything.
  13. Notice that everyone in the lineup pounded the ball. 3-4 for a few guys, 2-3 for others. More like the opposing pitchers sucked than a revelation in offense.
  14. Same issue for Jorge, great outing, no decision.
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