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  1. fish53

    2020 or 2022

    It was in Wed paper, Jackson's sports buzz. Only a part of the full column. Look towards the end. I can't find it on the online version, so it would only be in the print edition or the e-edition of the print edition.
  2. fish53

    2020 or 2022

    Is this the appropriate time to mention Barry Jackson's article this morning quoting Chip Bowers (Marlins" president/baseball operations) great new revolutionary ideas on putting butts in the stands. One-improve the food options and Two-and I quote "potentially having a disc jockey at games reflect the Miami vibe...an atmosphere like an NBA game". Sorry, there was no mention of meaningful games. As long as they keep thinking that Miami fans are mindless drones that show up based on what music they play, it is insulting. I thought that Jeter was going to pack the stadium because he was going to play more latin music. We already have a disc jockey anyway, and he is annoying. Aren't we all tired of screaming DJ's after all these years with the same "Cmon Miami, make some noise".
  3. fish53

    Would you rather have a season like the Mets are having?

    Would rather focus on what are doing, and be positive going forward. We have all made our criticisms if we were not fully on board, but damn, I am rooting for all the kids and still hope we keep veteran quality like Reamulto, without knee jerking to trade anyone of value. Does Zeigler have value now that he is doing well in his new role? I will agree to his trade. But yea, the Mets have no idea. Look at the crap out there, Adrian Gonzales, in and gone, now they resurrect Bautista, rumors about DeGrom and Thor being shopped, Cespedes is a DL regular for years now. According to spotrac they have $168 million in payroll costs, including $89 million on the DL. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/new-york-mets/payroll/ Still, they sucking is not the standard to be compared against. Looking forward to Pablo tonight.
  4. fish53


    This was always part of the question of the return for Ozuna, who still had a few years of control. Taking the #4 pitching prospect instead of one the higher rated pitchers seemed to be giving in somewhat. Who knows, maybe the staff saw something better but it still was worthy of criticism.
  5. very philanthropic of him. Deserves a hearty thank you for supporting our local team.
  6. fish53

    Nationals Recently "Checked In" on J.T. Realmuto

    Yea, their checking in to see if they can give us their lowest rated minor league pitcher or someone down their prospect line for an all star type catcher instead of top prospects-hard to get rid of the reputation as suckers. They balked at considering Soto or Robles. To me, one of those must be in the offer. Damn, they gave away their best prospects in 2016 for Adam Eaton.
  7. fish53

    Marlins acquire Peter O'Brien

    Seriously, really, the original "ice cream of the future". Worth it, then.
  8. fish53


    Or it could just stay the same and he could milk it for the rest of his contract and just suck continuously, with an occasional decent outing. I think the contract was earned the other day-first two rbi's in his career, there must be an incentive clause for that also.
  9. fish53


    He is lost at the plate. Sure, there is always a level of trying to guess what is coming, but he is just making up his mind to swing and so what if it is two feet off the plate. Once, every ten at bats he runs into one.
  10. fish53


    And Starlin wanted out also and is now saying and DOING all the right things and playing damn good, as is JT. Funny, the most disgruntled players are excelling. How's that for wanting to get rid of clubhouse cancers. That whole thing was just a convenient use of his, or his agent's, comments to do what they wanted to do. Don't know why they needed it, but if they kept Yelich, I am feeling pretty sure he would have been just fine. All we can do now is hope for significant improvement.
  11. fish53

    Should the Miami Marlins consider a Tim Tebow Trade?

    NO, NEVER, I graduated from Florida (although lifelong Cane), my kids both graduated from UF and none of us care a hoot about seeing Tebow. I prefer his clown show from afar. For all those who think the sculpture is tacky, this is worse. I agree with OP about being on drugs.
  12. The discussion of "bringing fans to the park" is a killer. No one will bring enough fans to the park, but that is not the reason it should be used so often as the ultimate closing arguement. Might as well just say to do nothing forever. At some point, the team will have to spend, even if it doesn't propel attendance, to have a winner and then win first ahead of attendance issues. This is more about the concept of anyone being considered being discounted because it will not bring fans, not specifically towards getting or not going after Machado. The same has been said about dumping Castro and JT because we may lose five more games and not affect attendance-so why keep them. More of this argument was in the spring, but as we play the games now, isn't it better to have a few players with major league ability like Starlin and JT and Bour than filling the team with junk because it won't affect attendance and we are not winning any titles soon? We dumped our best players and we still do not know if the return will ever be any good. Funny, so far, the best return was a minor deal which brought Caleb Smith. If this concept of tanking it, like a bunch of teams are doing, takes hold and only 25% of the teams are really trying, MLB may, along with the players association, take action. They say no at this time, but this is a professional league and if it ends up being filled with 75% of the teams being hopeless, it will not be only the Marlins attendance the sport will have to worry about.
  13. fish53


    The only person who absolutely can benefit from this is Guerrero and this being his DFA thread, it shows that the 9th inning is different. He wants to get out of being lumped with Tazawa and Zeigler on this chat room. It would have been better to succeed but that is history. Now, what the F is wrong with Steckenrider?
  14. fish53


    It seems so unfair to knock Z at this point, but is anyone all comfy when he comes in with a run or two lead. Seems like every time recently a few rockets have found a glove. In the past, when he blew games, those rockets missed gloves and came batter after batter. Seemingly, he is healthy and that makes him more effective-but it is a stomach turner each time. He is a battler and seems like a mentor to the young guys. So, what the heck, we stick with it until one of the other three are ready. Claw, Steck or Guerrero.
  15. fish53

    Junichi Tazawa designated for assignment

    I wonder what made them make this decision?

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