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  1. I think, most of us, who disagreed with this move, do understand mgts reasoning or the reasons given. We have all heard them. Just disagree on things, especially the clubhouse cancer. In cases like this you look at the person, who has no history of being a problem, and understand he was acting on emotion and would, as a professional, as Yelich is, perform to his best as well as helping the younger players. No difference when we traded all the vets in the first season of the new park when Stanton acted the same way. He calmed down and enjoyed his new teammates. Starlin Castro-the same this year. Sure, we have some hindsight based on Yelich's season and Brinson's to criticize the trade, but not foresight, so no one is right on this yet. I think the trade was rushed, I think the inexperienced Jeter was in a trade mode by this time and saw no current benefit to holding on to Yelich. Jeter certainly knows a lot more about baseball than I do, but that has not shielded him from a lot of the criticism that did go his way from others inside the sport. He has made his fair share of mistakes and is still learning on the job.
  2. You mean like trading Yelich, who had a ridiculous contract, for a centerpiece named Brinson, because, as Jeter explained, Yelich would have jumped up and down and soiled his panties if not traded? Good reason. I know, the same responses: 1. Attendance would not have increased anyway 2. They aren't going to win with Yelich and by the time they do, he will be too expensive and besides, Yelich, Stanton and Ozuna have proven that together they were not winners. I think the problem was the rush when there wasn't one and then the return, where there might never be one. This one just still irks me. I'm over it-maybe.
  3. Just sounds like Jeter doesn't want to be bothered with these type of questions. He would rather control the narrative and make statements at his discretion. I take away nothing from his response.
  4. fish53


    Steck threw nothing but flat fastballs to thankfully, some god awful hitters. This is a recipe for disaster against good hitters and it still took him almost 30 pitches to get through it.
  5. fish53

    Rest in Peace, Marlins HR Sculpture

    Not a bad idea, and for safety, just put the netting in front. This past year, they put a kids zone back behind the outfield, but it is a joke compared to other stadiums where kids can run on soft grass, have water shooting fountains, playground equip etc., but at Marlins Park it is a small area with nothing to do but climb on a few "animals". Billy shows up but is only available for about 1/2 inning and then he runs off to go back to the other stadium areas, leaving kids disappointed if time runs out to take a picture with Billy. Just a way to get young families back to the park and be able to bring the kids with something else to do if they are too young to really watch 3 hours of baseball.
  6. fish53

    Comunidad 305

    Still can't grasp why they think this will be a big attendance booster. The WBC created the atmosphere of countries because those countries were actually on the field. Do they really think, like the "loud latin music will make people want to come", that all the people from different nationalities will want to flock to the stadium so they can pay an entrance fee to loudly compete against people from other countries to see which country can make the most noise in the stands. And of course, make sure everyone is segregated by country sections.
  7. fish53

    2019 Enhancements to Ballpark Experience

    Now this is a darn good idea.
  8. fish53

    How do you feel about all this?

    It is more than simple-encourage learning Spanish, but it should not be a requirement. It helps in S Florida but again, we are selling baseball and the universal language is winning. Our spanish only speaking fans do not need to communicate directly with every single player in Spanish in order to enjoy them and root for them. If Chen was 20-1, do we really need him to speak Spanish, or English, for that matter. Do we require that he learn both languages-find the time to be proficient in multiple languages-is that necessary? If Stanton stayed and we were a pennant contender and he hit 65 homers, would he really need to speak spanish to be a home town superstar or get along with certain players who do not speak English? C'mon, you can play the "you live here so you need to speak Spanish" but you would be offended if anyone says to the general populace, as many have said,"if you live in America, and Miami is still America, shouldn't "you" learn English". Works both ways and for baseball, it is silly to require it. As for the clubhouse, many teams have players who are not good at English or even speak it and yet, they can communicate and get along. Why is our clubhouse any different? Again, it is not. As an aside, what would a free agent consider if it is a choice of being "forced" to learn a language. This is baseball, not international studies and all players speaking Spanish will not gather you any increase in attendance, no matter how "automatic" you think this idea is.
  9. fish53

    2019 Enhancements to Ballpark Experience

    It's all cute. Let's promote "the culture" which is what an outsider thinks is important. S. Floridians and us in Miami-Dade long enough already love our diversity but don't need to make it patronizing. We want good baseball, winning baseball.
  10. fish53

    2019 Marlins Members Enrollment

    I was being rhetorical, but it still begs the question-shouldn't they be winning first before expecting any mass demand for more expensive seats. I can see the demand being far less than even tepid and the net result a negative to those they moved.
  11. fish53

    2019 Marlins Members Enrollment

    So there will nice plush and empty seats in view. Is it the thought that people want to go to see the Marlins and sit down low but didn't buy tickets because the seats weren't plush enough?
  12. fish53

    Brinson starting rehab assignment in AA

    I think the .180 major league average before the injury is a cause for concern more so than the .056.
  13. fish53

    Stanton still wants the Marlins to succeed

    So over Stanton. So what, he wants to see good things for the Marlins. Not much of a story. Instead, I love to watch Sierra power 150 ft drives deep to right instead. (I know, different trade).
  14. fish53

    What happens this offseason?

    I think you nailed it, no joke
  15. fish53

    Todd Hollandsworth

    Sorry, I cannot hear you, Hollandsworth hasn't stopped talking yet.

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