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  1. fish53


    It seems so unfair to knock Z at this point, but is anyone all comfy when he comes in with a run or two lead. Seems like every time recently a few rockets have found a glove. In the past, when he blew games, those rockets missed gloves and came batter after batter. Seemingly, he is healthy and that makes him more effective-but it is a stomach turner each time. He is a battler and seems like a mentor to the young guys. So, what the heck, we stick with it until one of the other three are ready. Claw, Steck or Guerrero.
  2. fish53

    Junichi Tazawa designated for assignment

    I wonder what made them make this decision?
  3. fish53


    Can't tell you how ill it makes me feel to be reminded of this.
  4. Too many insults, "if you do not see things as they are then you are stupid and illogical". Why is that necessary? I can see it from both sides and it is not black and white. One big point of view is that we were losers last year so why would be be winners with the same team, in fact, fact, fact, it is a given that we would have another losing season. Really? My earlier point is that sometimes a talented team makes the leap and that is all I am saying. Just check out the roster of 2002 and the record-somehow that team, that was 10 games under .500 in 2003 got hot with much the same roster as 2002. It happens in all sports. Again, who the F knows if we would have still sucked this year, but it is not so black and white to call people stupid if they are of the opinion that the team could have just flipped it on finally with some additional help. It is as much a guess as the rebuild being the time proven way to win because the Astros and Cubs did it. Not sure our talent comes close to the talent they were developing and stockpiling. Hope it is, I am still a fan and not a casual fan either.
  5. All of this is assumption, not fact. There is no fact that keeping the core together would once again guarantee watching a below .500 team. Just last year, Ozuna had his first complete consistent season, Stanton, for all his power, when he adjusted his stance became a much more consistent hitter, Yelich is still growing in to his power, he is not locked in to "he is what he is" and Bour also just developed in to a more consistent power hitter. Reamulto still getting better, even Rojas has improved and then you have the addition of Brian Anderson. So, no, I do not agree that this core would, no matter what, just be a below .500 team because that is what they were. Now, add some marginally better pitching, this offense could have carried a team to much better levels than before, I am well aware of the financial issues, but I am only expressing my opinion that the foregone conclusion that the product on the field was not a guaranteed below .500 team. I would have really enjoyed seeing if that team could have put it together this year. While we made the moves for financial reasons, more than the rational that we were disposing of players that were just losers, the pipeline of players received just does not look like the making of a championship caliber team. Again, opinion, not fact, but I have no qualms with anyone who does not think the rebuild, at least this version, will turn in to a great product.
  6. fish53


    I agree, if multiple doctors say "no surgery" then you do not cut in to your body. As to the pen, does the same problem exist as last year, he needs at least 10-15 minutes to warm up, so unless you know you will use him, you won't want him heated up an inning or two early just to sit him down. Makes him useless as a lefty specialist, or for many applications. Plenty of relievers get up and then sit down, but for Chen, this would seem to be an issue on his arm. So, useless as a starter and not much better in the pen, big contract, no value, just a bad situation all around.
  7. fish53


    Hard to believe it has been 15 years since McKeon went to the mound and basically told Dontrelle Willis the same thing. Turned D-Train around from that point.
  8. fish53

    4-29 Rockies at Marlins

    Scariest scene in all of baseball, going in to the 9th inning and seeing Zeigler and Tazawa in the bullpen. But One out. Yat
  9. fish53

    Wei-Yin Chen to return Sat vs Rockies

    Given that Chen requires two days notice so he can start warming up, I say I have to agree with you.
  10. fish53

    2018 Season Overall Impressions

    I am glad he didn't. I hate this line of reasoning from Jeter because it continues to imply that the Stanton, Yelich, Ozuna core were not winners. Maybe it is obvious we couldn't support them and add on, but it keeps coming out that "we didn't win with them anyway".
  11. fish53

    2018 Season Overall Impressions

    I think many of us have forgotten how hard it is to watch a really bad team, versus the team we had that gave us a reason to watch and go to the park for. Jeter can say he expects to win, not just later, but now-but C'mon, in his interview with Gumbel on HBO, Gumbel calls him delusional. Rebuilds are tough and hard to watch.
  12. fish53

    New York Post Article: Jeter Is Quietly Proving Himself

    Puff piece. For all of his detractors as well as his supporters here, Jeter has not proven he is capable nor incapable. He gets the benefit of the doubt that only will tell over time, but to say he is proving himself-that is forming a conclusion that can't be formed yet.
  13. fish53

    4-14-2018 Post Game

    There are ground ball pitchers and there is Ziegler-his ground balls are often lasers that threaten the fielders. I think we have suffered enough with him in these situations.
  14. fish53

    Small sample size but...

    Brinson, at this point seems to be Cameron Maybin 2.0, and how ironic is it that 1.0 is right next to him on the field
  15. fish53

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    You are sure other teams try this stuff often? Bold and unsubstantiated. It may turn out Jeter is all talk and for his pocket only like many believe.