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  1. I am hoping this builds, but then I hear strange explanations. Like on Saturday, explaining the Realmuto trade, like we don't know why and understand it. So, we get the explanation that "we traded 2 years of control for 17 years". Sure, I get the math but it does not make sense. Can we then say that if we went out and spent 250 million for 25 free agents on a one year deal that we are buying 25 years of control. My point is that a silly explanation is ridiculous, just be open about it. We all know what's up with JT at this point so the team needs to just say we made the best deal we thought was available. Done.
  2. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    This is the best I have felt about a trade in many years with our organization. Take no crap anymore. Done, you want JT, then you give in otherwise, hey, we can wait and take a lesser haul at any time or a better offer later when someone really needs to make a move. Many teams get a good return for a quality 3 month rental so why should we worry. Squeeze them boys. Barry Jackson just reported we have only one player in MLB top 100 prospects and that is Victor x 2 Mesa and he was not even from a trade. So it is time to get some top prospect(s).
  3. fish53

    FanFest - Feb 9

    Well, they better have ice cream this year. Last year, took my three year old granddaughter, and I promised her ice cream and they weren't selling any. How is that possible at a fan fest with a lot of kids. She settled for french fries and running the bases with a high five from Billy.
  4. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Maybe Houston is still trying to get us to take El Caballo straight up.
  5. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Holy Moly, so the Marlins need to take a return of mediocrity hoping that the 20% chance someone pans out is the best they can do for JT, or else they may be left with what?- accepting mediocrity later. I think we have all the leverage. Someone will be at the doorstep of realizing they have a damn good chance of winning it all if only they give up their top prospects, which may or may not help them win in 2-3 years down the road to get one of the best players in MLB and #1 at his position. I am all in to the new Marlins mindset if they hold firm.
  6. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    JT to Houston makes them scary good. Great lineup, makes the defense up the middle a premier defense. Even a slight overpay for a solid contending team (not an outlier) makes sense. This is not a basic 'get a veteran to help the clubhouse", this is a difference maker. They should be able to sign JT to an extension also. Marlins front office can't buckle on this, they have held firm so far.
  7. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    I find it interesting that everytime someone gets signed, people like Morosi think it lowers the Marlins leverage. I agree fully that each time a catcher signs it increases the Marlins position. It is not a stretch to believe that we could not move JT BECAUSE the other teams were using other catching options in their thinking or even telling the Marlins "if you don't lower your demands, we will just have to pursue one of these other guys". We didn't blink and that is reassuring that this group is getting the hang of this.
  8. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    So much misinformation thrown out by these GM's. It is such a game of chicken. Now, from "Marlins better do something or they will get so screwed" to "Marlins have teams fighting over Realmuto" (this is how I choose to read what is happening). Love it.
  9. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    It is a good discussion. The purpose of maximizing assets is to use the assets to win divisions and hopefully championships. There is no guarantee to any of this so we deal with what we know. If we have to face JT 19 times a year and if he makes the Mets considerably better, then it clearly reduces the value of the assets we get back because to win any title we first have to be better than the teams in our own division. Then we worry about the rest of the league. Yes, if the other offers are no where near the Mets I would have to agree, but if it is close I do not help the Mets beat us in the division.
  10. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    The return to trade within the division has to be much better. I hate making intra-division teams better and the east is getting stronger, so a wild card coming out of the east is tough if there is no one to beat up on 19 times a year. To pull the trigger with the Mets better mean we are getting a significant better return than outside the division.
  11. fish53

    Samson spills some beans

    this is just like politics-when you are out of power, you have all the answers to solve all of the problems in the world and how to deal with bad actors. Now Samson has all the answers and the hindsight, but the series was really fun to read. Kinda like the way Samson has no filter.
  12. fish53

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Earlier, we weren't moving JT to the Braves unless they included Acuna. Not moving JT to Nats unless including either Soto or Robles. Both demands warmed my heart that we were finally holding firm and demanding the best for a controllable star while we have watched other teams get the cream of the crop in prospects when trading three month rentals. I do not see what the Mets have to match anything that matches a minimum of Acuna or Soto/Robles. Jeez, reading Met fan tweets, Conforto is the equal to a young Mickey Mantle.
  13. Totally. Someone should tell marketing to sell Jerseys with velcro and then they can sell the names separately for 12.99.
  14. fish53

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Discounted so you have it for future Retro games. I wonder if there will ever be a retro game with this stuff. Do you move Homer back in for Retro Weekend? Now, as we think back, how tacky was the first opening night at the new stadium?
  15. fish53

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Seeing Homer out of his prison brings tears. Free Homer-let him roam free with his brethren.