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  1. Absolutely not-Most athletes do whatever they can to correct an injury and want to earn what they are paid for. Of course, this excludes doing anything that is a serious health risk but the majority of surgical procedures are designed to at least allow an athlete to perform his/her best. The average person can forgo a knee procedure or a rotator cuff surgery and rehab it sufficiently to go on with their lives, but an elite athlete often needs to do more if they want to continue to play at the level necessary. This appears to be the Chen factor.
  2. 3-7 game thread

    This will be a very offensively challenging year. Fish usually do not string together hits until they hit the scrubs of the other team.
  3. Dolphins' owner comments on Jeter

    Now Stephen Ross is a genius at building winners in sports? Notice how I qualified that so someone won't say "when you are a millionaire you can criticize".
  4. Brian Ellington's sore shoulder being evaluated

    He couldn't throw strikes with a good shoulder, so what's the difference, with lower velocity, it just took longer to walk the batters.
  5. Rays sign new TV Deal

    Makes no sense to me just by virtue of having to listen to Dewayne Staats vs Rich, despite no Tommy. Must be watching with the sound off.
  6. Yelich: Fernandez death led to Miami teardown

    Other than what you state, Gordon and to some extent Straily, this was a literal buffet of dog crap warmed over at the cost of some very decent to good young talent. Actually, Haren was ok and was a throw in, but the rest just makes you sick at the ineptitude of the front office. More than Jose, this could be pointed as the ultimate undoing of a very good team.
  7. Prado and Riddle begin camp in "rehab protocol"

    I would give both these guys passes as I feel they are doing whatever is necessary, ( I do not know, nor does anyone else-just a gut feeling) unlike Chen, who seems to be doing as little as possible and stay within any guidelines of what is necessary or required to keep getting paid. After how many years of doing the same thing with the same negative results will Chen realize that if he wants to be at his best he needs to be doing something else, as long as he is not jeopardizing his health. No one would advocate that.
  8. Tim Lincecum

    It's only a matter of degree. They are going to get hit hard or they are going to get hit really hard. Glad that the netting has been extended.
  9. Wei-Yin Chen

    Right, no one will want to play a game for a living because they can all go out and get a job for real world wages.
  10. Wei-Yin Chen

    Sure sounds like a valued teammate. "hey guys, I get my money if I pitch or if I just sit around for 3 more years".
  11. Sea creature race abolished

    Samson could be very irritating, but he does have some dry humor associated with him. I give him a pass on the reaction to Julio winning. (I think that is the Octopus's name). I think it is funny if he did do that.
  12. Sports Illustrated Article on Jeter

    Pissing Barry off may mean some investigative reporting will be forthcoming. Barry has the power of the pen (or keyboard).
  13. Jeter wants roof open more

    Coupled with the fire sale of the sea creatures and the profits from the sale of the outfits, every penny counts.
  14. Sea creature race abolished

    The damn shark won almost every time except when he looked like he was tanking it on purpose. Anyway, don't see the harm in keeping it, kids loved it, hurts no one, but at least make the runners rotate the outfits.
  15. FanFest 2018

    There was, what I thought,a nice turnout, but promoting the event better includes the local paper at least mentioning it the day of the event. Following Brinson is not considered promoting it. If you follow Brinson, you are not the person they need to be after. There is still a big segment of the world that does not live on the tweets and posts of social media.