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  1. 28 yr old C Tyler Heineman putting up good numbers at AAA. Projects as a good backup and is an amateur magician.
  2. Fing Mcann, unwritten rule God. Should have moved the bat. Hate him
  3. A deal with Brinson mixed in could work. Who would not want a #1 prospect?
  4. Sitting here in Sec 11, and have to just cringe watching a Brinson at bat
  5. So many replies. Except for the comic relief, not even a sane trade suggestion to begin with.
  6. another almost sure out added to the ML roster. We are regressing, although it means little other than the watch-ability of the team.
  7. The Beetlejuice reference will go over many heads.
  8. I would have to agree. Caleb looks like he has a veteran presence and should be good going forward. We still do not know about Zac, but it still was so far off the radar and Zac's been pitching well, that we certainly were caught off guard.
  9. makes sense, Gallen could be unaffordable in 6 years
  10. Don't mess with the Jess. Actually like her quite a bit and her head bobbing during interviews is world class.
  11. Bullet, you have too much free time.
  12. And with all that, Sandy represented the team just fine. Topped out at 98-99 and good slider.
  13. Isan really developing. Trying to get a little more value for Castro vs DFA but he is not really helping much. Some tough pitching results with Sixto and Stewart.
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