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  1. Great pics Bullet. We get shutout anyway, open or closed and there is only a short window here that fans can enjoy the afternoon games in sunshine. Shadows have been an issue forever in baseball, but I do not recall it ever couched in such "danger" terms. As a fan, I like the open roof days. As to the "fans hate it", again, that is when it is hot, yesterday was a perfect day for the fans to sit in an open air stadium and I cannot see any fan hating the roof open yesterday. If it is a safety issue, then address it league wide, not just because it was the Marlins.
  2. I think he is saying that the Marlin are worrying about stupid shit like straws instead of the hazardous waste they are putting on the field.
  3. No one takes the straws home to throw in to the oceans and lakes. Unless the Marlins dump the trash in Biscayne Bay, this is dumb. Just another PC move.
  4. He would be a very good hitting coach if he had Yelich, Realmuto and Ozuna. And to fire him after an offensive explosion where we scored on a walk and a hit batter is so unfair.
  5. It's so bad but Mattingly has the answer for Brinson. Quoted as saying that they are working with him to "help him see the ball better". Note to Don, Brinson is seeing the ball just fine, try working with him to help him HIT the ball better.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the minor league players, but instead of bringing them up, just start broadcasting the minor league games instead of the major league (term used loosely) Marlins. Watching the fish will be next to impossible as this continues, even for the most devoted fans.
  7. Not only that, I do not even know the teams that are playing tonight, but the moves are all about the experience.
  8. So far, that is a low bar. By surpassing, it that meant surpassing him and being better or surpassing him and being much worse? Monte, other than some power has not shown that he won't strike out 200 times given enough AB's. All that being said, I can give Sandy time-there is a lot there.
  9. Just like giving Andy the day off, I think I will just ignore this team for at least a week as if it does not exist.
  10. So Sandy is the leading hitter in this lineup. Move him up in the order
  11. Nice to have you back doing the minor roundup Mr&Mrs. Appreciate it. Looks like most of our future stars had a rough opening day-lots of ophers.
  12. just cut him. We can all contribute to the buy out
  13. Respectively disagree. Band was mildly annoying at the game. But watching and listening on tv, very annoying. Just my take.
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