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  1. Mish knows the plan. To push for some window dressing signings in 2020 just so losses are only 90 instead of 100 means nothing. I mean really, Mish, maybe we can get Cashner back, Rodney is still around but I think the Latos/Straily trains has left. These are the deals that killed us. Give the rebuild the time. I don't know about next year, but expect to see the transition start showing fruit in 2021.
  2. "Team is a dumpster fire". And you only discovered this when?
  3. Notice how for as many people having non-stop fun ragging those who think that the Zac trade was a mistake, just as many were ragging that Sandy at his best would be a #3 and likely never be even that. Regardless, Sandy has made all the big steps. Heck, one for one for Ozuna may end up looking good, although I really wanted us to have held out for Flaherty.
  4. They need to make it fair. The damn shark won almost all the time, except when they paid him off to lose a few.
  5. THRILLHO, your comments are generally in agreement with me. I have made comments and written the Marlins, through my rep, that some of the things they think the "S Florida fan" wants is just not correct. The brass and drums sound like noise, not music, and just because it was present during the world baseball classic does not mean that the good attendance was because of it. I did take offense early on because I believe that Jeter is more of a traditionalist but took advice of a basketball promoter that Miami baseball fans need noise. It told me that Jeter did not think that we understand and appreciate the game the same way that New Yawkers do but that we need gimmicks to make it sound like the international series. I like giveaways, I like the kids zones other teams build (but our kid zone really sucks) fun promotions during the game etc. and other teams do it also and we can easily build on this. But we do understand the game and some day, if this rebuild works, maybe more fans will consistently come out and watch a good team. Right now, putting Brinson out there every day tells me that the casual fan has no reason to commit.
  6. Dombrowski obviously sucks. Can't remember the last time he won a world series because it was so many "months" ago.
  7. There is truth here. As a baseball fan, there are enough single moments, even with a bad team, to find to enjoy. Whether it is seeing Sandy develop or Cooper getting it done, Starlin on a great ride, yea, I can get on board with that even while seeing Chen destroy the morale of the team. A bad football team is unwatchable as there will be too few highlights to care about. It is much more a team sport and if the team breaks down, like the O-line sucks, it is doom for every other position player.
  8. Let's not separate the two, most of us are fans of both teams. It is the accumulation of sucking and being mediocre that makes it tough to wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Thus, the negativity. Add the Panthers endless non-playoff seasons and the Heat recently stuck in average mode and we have the professional landscape as it stands right now.
  9. Didn't take long from "he's made for this role" to sucking. 98 mph fastball flat as a pancake.
  10. Attendance is bad because of the drums and blaring horns in the outfield. Instead of attracting more people, the sound is just as bad as the cow bells in Tampa. Get rid of them and attendance goes up to about 6,500 . OK, before an attack, this is in jest. As to attendance, those of us here for the long haul have heard it all before and now it is just noise from the media. Don't care how they look at it or Gammons.
  11. If you subscribe to Forbes, you will be able to wow your friends with the knowledge you gain.
  12. Like the Heineman move-he has done well and has persevered in his career.
  13. This is the Casey McGehee strategy. It works for a bit but not sustainable. If I read what the analytics people write here is that all of the fringe older players will revert (regress) to who they really are. Cool for TBay, it is interesting to watch. They do seem to know when to get rid of players and do pick up better castoffs than the Marlins have over the years without overpaying, which we are so famous for doing. Anyone know where El Caballo is?
  14. The torture that is Brinson continues
  15. He can easily agree to a six year deal and be under control. At the minimum. And yes, it is economics, but LoMo wants want? Life to be fair? To be perfect? Sounds like a 6 year old.
  16. fish53


    It is a horror to have a 7 run inning to come back and tie and then go to our long relief in Chen knowing he will blow the comeback. Once he gave up the two out hit, who here didn't think that odds were excellent that he would not be able to get the third out before giving up more hits. Forget about us as fans, the players have to put on a happy face.
  17. I say why not? At this point, it is all experimentation. Maybe his stuff will play out as a closer so we can trade him.
  18. I regress, but I tend to remember that despite his lofty numbers (when he got hot after we were mostly out of the race) how many games were on the line in April and May late in the game with him at bat and runners in scoring position, cringing at him swinging at the pitch 2 feet outside and in the dirt for strike 3.
  19. And most people only buy one issue a year these days and with the internet, can't even know why that is the case.
  20. Trade him for Fernando Rodney
  21. and this guy Tyler Heineman, C : 3-4, 1 RBI (35). Solid numbers, trade Alfaro.
  22. 28 yr old C Tyler Heineman putting up good numbers at AAA. Projects as a good backup and is an amateur magician.
  23. Fing Mcann, unwritten rule God. Should have moved the bat. Hate him
  24. A deal with Brinson mixed in could work. Who would not want a #1 prospect?
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