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  1. that clown plays for the Yankees he got no saying in this
  2. but she's not responding my texts or messages thru social media
  3. el_gmac

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    Yankees came to town so that was 90,000 more in attendance than last season
  4. I miss Jelliz's mom
  5. el_gmac

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    #bat size matter
  6. pretty sure jeter is asking the same question about michael hill: who gave this clown a 5 million contract ?
  7. el_gmac

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    exactly, first I'm hoping the rebrand happens next season also why not do Thursdays throwback during the whole season, just one series sucks
  8. el_gmac

    Is the 2018 team worse than the 1998 team?

    what street you're working on?
  9. el_gmac

    Is Joe right or wrong?

    how do we know ? he might be a lefty
  10. el_gmac

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    Only way they will avoid loosing 100 if the league goes on strike right now
  11. el_gmac

    Victor Victor cleared

    or cuban food
  12. el_gmac

    Someone convince me this isn’t Loria

    The question gotta be: would it work on Jeter ?
  13. i have a google farm does it count ?
  14. el_gmac


    I hope this POS doesn't comeback to the bp roster next season . just gave up back 2 back dongs and blew the win for Sandy

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