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  1. he hangs around in a bat cave?
  2. Dimelo, Miami

    jesus man take your viagra somewhere else
  3. Dimelo, Miami

    Jersey Font Style Survey
  4. Development of Miami Marlins logo

    2020 is the date for an Marlins overhaul . It will be completely new, but don't be surprised if they add a 93 throwback in the set ala Diamond Backs
  5. MLB Unveils 2018 Holiday Uniforms

    pure crap just like New Era is releasing in recent years, at least the 4th of July are Polyester and no shower caps
  6. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    Listen to the art teacher
  7. Dietrich's spring

    I swear i thought it was
  8. Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    I'm confused by this move
  9. 3/15 Game Thread

    Marlins vs Mutts marlins on top 3-0 top of the third., the Dark Knight isn't as dark as he used to be Mutts announcer talking about the Marlins firesale .....
  10. No!!! that's timeout for you
  11. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    I remember Samson talking about the new merchandise on Dan Le Batard show, and he spoke about how the orange hat was their best seller so far at that time. The first hat I bought in 2012 was a "red/ orange" cap
  12. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    with a rebrand on the horizon forget it
  13. and all started on the WBC while playing for team Venezuela. I think MLB teams should make a clause that if you get injured participating on non MLB events your contract becomes null
  14. Dimelo, Miami

    shit I did the same with the energy team, concessions food price, I even wrote on the side that I either eat before or after the game . The only part we didn't coincide was Billy. I think Billy must be redesign or scratch that pointed swore and make it safety friendly I'm surprised he hasn't poke anyone's eye yet. Also bitched about parking and ticket prices.