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  1. Bender's stuff is just plain nasty, He looks like he may be our closer very soon Will the Marlins send him down??? I guess in Today's MLB it is very possible but as a baseball decision he should not see another second in the minors
  2. Marlins are serious in their pursuit of a trade for Wilson Contreras and they are out on Benintendi ( Which I am very happy about since he hasn't been able to hit for like the last 3 years in a hitter friendly stadium) There is still no word on what Contreras would cost but I believe 2 pitching prospects would be a start We have many arms to offer of which quite a few are close to major league ready
  3. Does anyone else besides me get a woody at the thought of Eddie Rosario in a Marlins uniform BTW the thought of Brinson possibly being DFA would make me cream my shorts
  4. I most certainly believe if it were not for this pandemic instead of talking about the DH there would be conversation going on reference the 2 new expansion franchises and an expansion draft I would love MLB teams in New Orleans and Las Vegas
  5. I am a traditionalist at heart , I love to see pitchers hitting but it is time for the DH to be permanent in both leagues. I however am a proponent of reducing inter-league play. It has watered down the All-Star game and the World Series
  6. I have faith that Baltimore and KC have a hot streak in them giving us the 2nd pick overall
  7. Right now it can be said you can throw in any Little Leaguer from Jose Marti Park and they would not do any worse than Victor Victor. He may not be a bust yet but the Sculptor is just about ready to put away his chisel. [ATTACH]3176._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  8. Acuna would cost Miami Key Biscayne, don't be surprised if they didn't have to throw in Coconut Grove as well
  9. With that same thought would Jeter not be telling Hill who to draft as well except he knows what the hell he is doing
  10. I grant you the option of signability was always a constraint under Loria but the preference in signing High School kids over players with much higher floors was all Hill, at times it worked most times it didn't . That was not Loria
  11. Loria knows about as much of talent evaluation as Jeter does about Art appraisal, he would not tell Hill who to draft and who to trade for, he may have gotten involved in Free agencies signings to a certain degree but Hill was fielding his own teams and the minors where filled with his talent selections. It wasn't all bad but mostly it was all boring and mediocre
  12. Mike Hill is not making decisions on talent evaluation or trades , He is just rubber stamping these moves. You can tell by this last draft that it did not have Mike Hill's input in any way. They drafted players completely Non-Hill like Unless Mike Hill all of sudden has become someone else as a talent evaluator and all of sudden changed what he looks for in players. Actually if you think about it the Marlins are now more similar in how the Yankees approach the draft, and are much more aggressive and long term focused in what they look for in are trades something that is not Mike Hill like
  13. Well at least he know enough to maintain his role as figurehead. He smiles, waves and talks to the media because he sure isn't doing much of anything else for this organization
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