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  1. Didn't forget. My memory is also longer than a goldfish.
  2. And reality sometimes gets stifled by the cliche of being a "true fan."
  3. They will draft a nobody and save money.
  4. I predict they will continue to flail ineffectively while putting very little money into the team. First, they will change the color scheme and create a hashtag that feels like a few college grads came up with it in a board room after pulling an allnighter on South Beach...my vote is "#yosoymiami" or "yosoymarlins". It needs to feel sort of offensive and a little off. Next, they will pretend they are building toward the future by suggesting they will spend in the international draft and therefore we "shouldn't expect alot in free agency." While continuing to say, "get ready for big things #yosoymarlins." Things will sound great. It might even feel electric...like something is brewing. After all, the marketing team ( 5-10 college grads making 30k and hoping to move up the ranks) will be commenting and posting on every website with "rumors." However, with every possible player in the top 10 we will inexplicably come up short. So to save face, we will grab several C prospects which we overspend on. As for the draft, we will reach for a player that we could have held off on. I predict a lefty with a "live arm and control problems" that every other team sees as a potential 3 or 4 if everything breaks right. Realmuto stays...he will get hurt and underperform in 2019. Prado, Castro, Urena, DD, Conley, Bearclaw, and Straily are all gone. We will collect several 3rd and 4th round picks, international money, and over aged minor leaguers that haven't "figured it out" yet. We will hit in the rule 5. A power bat with a high k rate to play the out field...he will eventual outplay one of Brinson or Sierra who will in turn begin their slow Hermida-like fade away into oblivian. #yosoymarlins
  5. Then why do you watch? To be contrary? To make sure everyone knows how contrary you are?
  6. Yes...but by this logic...Jeter can run the team any way he wants. •Stanton did say he wanted to be traded. •Agreed...everything in this franchise is handled horrifically. •For Stanton it is more important he gets what he wants...what's the difference? All I am saying...and I have said this...everyone is commending Stanton for utilizing his contract...is he some saint? at the end of the day you...we...are the people who are screwed. Stanton gets what he wants, Jete's and the Marlins execs are satisfied... Meanwhile...what is your plan? Sitting around and reminding everyone that a 'true fan' follows a team no matter what? I am curious...how will you feel about that sentiment in 5-6 years when Miami is a Yankee town and you are getting "squeaked" in a bar by a bunch of guys still reminding you of the fleesing from 2017 and how "your Marlins are like the Yankees farm team." They all suck. And you are a fleck of dust resting on the contract they are discussing.
  7. I just figured that with all the arm chair GMing you were doing you might be a little more frustrated...and not applauding Stanton and asking for a reach around.
  8. ...because you should want them to get the most value that they can get... You know...so...you aren't being miserable for the first ten years of your Marlins fandom.
  9. Just so we are clear Stanton is a hero for exercising the obligations of his contract to benefit himself... however... Jeter is flexing his power and tossing around his money to benefit only himself...and he is scum. You all have stockholm syndrome.
  10. Why is everyone giving Stanton props? He is just as self serving as Jeter. This team has become so pathetic that the fans are indoctrinated to smile and punch themselves in face while they are being assaulted...all the while calling the assailant "a dick." Yea...that'll show 'em. ...This never gets better.
  11. No it isn't specific to Stanton. However, it is being described as a leaguewide issue. Yes this is all speculation and not mine of course...like I explained it was Olney or Sherman on the WFAN discussing this.
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