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  1. How is Alex Jackson defensively? I used to care about offense mostly in catchers. After seeing how abysmal Alfaro is at his basic job, my thought has changed. Get a receiver first, don't worry about offense at all. Any offense is a plus.
  2. WSE

    Jesus Aguilar

    Aguilar is a good player for us, but he is blocking Lewin Diaz who is 24 years old and should be playing everyday. We need to see if we have anything in him. I would trade Aguilar but Marlins seem reluctant.
  3. Excellent news. The deals the past couple days definitely had me worried.
  4. Marlins will still make the argument that it’s less risky to take this huge pay day than to go to college and risk a lot of things happening. He hopefully still will take the big over slot offer. But yea, what happens to others definitely will be a consideration. And this Reds deal will really hurt us in trying to make the argument to Watson.
  5. This is a very bad development for our hopes of signing Watson. Pick after him at same position went a decent amount higher than what we can offer.
  6. WSE


    He's consistently costing the team runs. He will never be a plus defender, but he needs to be serviceable in order to get playing time.
  7. Fun day of baseball. Sweeping a double header (and giving up no runs!) with two rookie pitchers nobody really expected to see this year just a few weeks ago. Rather incredible.
  8. Even the outs are deep fly balls. He just has not been any good today.
  9. How we got absolutely nothing for Witgren, Merandy Gonzalez and Straily is criminal mismanagement. I get that these guys didn’t have a future with the team but you just don’t give up players with value. You extract everything you could from them.
  10. Another case of giving up an asset for nothing. Hill is an imbecile and how anybody can support him is beyond me.
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