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  1. I love that they are actually taking their time and trying to find the right deal rather than just dumping him off like they have done with so many other players in the past.
  2. Valid


    Definitely. Best-case scenario, he pitches well and makes some nice trade bait at the deadline. Worst-case scenario, he sucks on a one-year deal. Very low-risk, high-reward.
  3. I actually wouldn't mind this. I would imagine we could get him on a cheap one-year deal and then flip him at the trade deadline if he produces.
  4. Where the heck is Larry anyway? Is he basically gone? Didn't post here for a while so I'm out of the loop.
  5. No Yankees fans even talk about Carl Pavano anymore. Regardless, it's in kind of bad taste to be cool with a move when it's made (which I'm pretty sure most of us were when we re-signed Prado) and then rip it when it unfortunately goes downhill. Injuries have also played a major role in Prado's decline. It's like saying "I hope Pitcher X throws a slider here" and then being upset when Pitcher X throws a good slider and Hitter Y goes down and smacks it to opposite field for a home run.
  6. The Prado extension looked like a good move at the time, so it's hard to hate on it.
  7. And then the Marlins screw themselves in the process. If they know he isn't going to be here long term, he needs to go. Sticking it to someone is not how you run a front office.
  8. Oh I know. That's why I responded in that manner. It's not that JT doesn't believe the Marlins are trying to build a winner; it's that he knows it's going to take a while and doesn't want to sit around and wait.
  9. Or maybe JT realizes that the Marlins likely won't be a legitimate contender for another four or five years and doesn't want to waste his prime years on a rebuilding team? You do realize that building a championship team takes time, right?
  10. I was listing good signings; not bad ones. Hard to say Buehrle and Reyes sucked because they actually produced in their lone seasons here. The team just sucked overall.
  11. Plus the fact that there is rarely much news about the Marlins, so anything that might be deemed slightly newsworthy gets reported.
  12. Well, we certainly had numerous successful signings on the 1997 team (Alou, Leiter, Brown, etc.). Other than those guys, this is what I can think of off the top my head: Ivan Rodriguez Carlos Delgado Jorge Cantu Luis Gonzalez Javier Vazquez Joe Borowski Cody Ross Wes Helms (first time) Of course, a lot of those guys were here for only one year... I will say, though, that this franchise has actually made a number of good trades over the years. A lot of the stars/solid players I thought of were acquired through trades. We just suck at free agency.
  13. Everyone knew Furcal was done at that point.
  14. Eh that was just a one-year deal for him to be a back-end-of-the-rotation starter (although he was certainly REALLY bad). I'll say Bell with John Buck being a close runner-up. It's not like we have a plethora of guys to choose from.
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