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  1. Omg trade this guy already!!!! Waiting longer will exhaust the entire league
  2. You have been full of shit since for years now
  3. David Samson on Twitter is insinuating that we’re holding out for Acuna. Mish then replies to him. Am I reading Samson’s feed correctly?
  4. They should have hired a better architectural firm for the Miami Stadium.... BIG (The Oakland stadium firm) is soooo good. I love the idea of making a stadium more like a campus and leaking out into the surrounding city... mixed use is the way to go. This stadium will probably pay for itself realllyyyy fast as opposed to Miami's stadium which is a financial black-hole in itself.
  5. These signings show the front office is dead serious. International free agents are the most favorable risk/reward odds as have been proven for a few years now. For the front office to see this and not dick around is really cool to witness. These guys were also Cuban so they didn’t go past 6.6 million for the pissing contest against Baltimore. Everything was executed perfectly. They even got the homer statue out of centerfield. LOL it was probably the deciding factor in the deal. I can just imagine a comedy skit w the Mesa brothers and a translator about the sculpture being part of the “handshake” deal lol
  6. The lineup was full of 1st and 2nd round draft pick returns that we got from all the fire sale trades. In 2018 the only real prospect that’s playing is Brinson. From what I recall on this forum was that people were excited for that during the start of the year. Imagine a full year of constant top prospect coming up to the bigs. Not 20th and 30th rounders, but legit baseball America top prospects rotating year round. Also livan had like 10 complete games and renteria stole 40 bases and hit pretty well. Your memory is clearly fuzzy.
  7. You’re forgetting a full season of Livan and renteria. Floyd, kotsay, mantei, some sheff, zeile, CJ, counsel and even a week of Piazza (piazza =pdub + Lowell) It wasn’t awesome to watch, but definitely entertaining to see what was going to happen. Not to mention we had top prospects Booty (ugggh), Medina, henriquez, Fontenot, ludwick (part of McGwire trade) among others who were VERY highly touted at the time to keep things interesting. Also, we didn’t sign miggy in 1999. That was 1996 I believe when he was like 15 years old or something ridiculous like that. 1998 was interesting. 2018 is boring af.
  8. Nah, we had top prospects in lee, castillo, Lowell, 5 tool prospects Wilson, Floyd and lots of pitchers with exciting stuff, even if they didn’t pan out. We were also clearly making lots of moves rebuilding with dombrowski at the helm. 2018 has little bright spots outside of Realmuto. All of our pitchers suck except 2 or 3 with 1 of them about to have his arm fall off. 2018 just a roster with dead weight... disappointing all around mostly because hardly any moves have been made/no trades happening with nobody wanting our garbage.
  9. That’s not true. We received many top prospects from the fire sale that had good minor league numbers and draft status. A lot of the pitchers we got back had exciting stuff and players like lee, Castillo, Lowell, etc were fun to watch. Even aj Burnett was throwing a version of a screwball back then. It was a bad team, but there were lots of more reasons to watch it. At least there were solid moves being made despite the circumstances for those moves. 2018 is like watching laundry dry.
  10. The 98 team had many future stars and way better, more exciting prospects. We also had Leyland as manager and some of the stars like sheff, Bonilla, etc for part of the season. We even had Piazza for a 3 days. You had reasons to watch that team for drama reasons at least. This 2018 team is just a huge dumpster ?. Hardly any trades happened and the front office has nothing to work with. Dombrowski did not disappoint!
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