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  1. taiwanmarlin

    2018 Draft

    Marlins sign No. 69 overall pick Banfield https://www.mlb.com/marlins/news/marlins-sign-draft-pick-will-banfield/c-282328002
  2. taiwanmarlin


    Post of the century.
  3. taiwanmarlin

    Article: Is Realmuto MLB's Best Catcher?

    Yes,and he would be the Marlins forever !!!
  4. taiwanmarlin

    Straily and Mattingly suspended and fined for throwing at Posey

    Fuck you MLB !!!
  5. taiwanmarlin

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    I think JT catches some of our high rated pitching prospects so he should much known the talent level of these prospects.
  6. taiwanmarlin

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    I think go all in to lock up JT long term would be the best to this team,because if they give up to lock up JT and forced to trade him than other teams won't give us what we want in return since knows we need to settle for less return,and with two more years of control maybe we wait for next year or two to offer him the best contract extension.
  7. taiwanmarlin

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    If they traded JT I don't know what would I do,yea you guys would said this man have to leave this team again after they traded somebody,but it's Realmuto and not Castro,Bour or Bearclow (even I don't want to trade him,too),after losing G,Bear,Yeli and Dee,I really don't know what would I do after losing JT…
  8. taiwanmarlin

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    Yea,just like what Loria do to lock up Stanton,Jeter needs to offer JT something he couldn't say "NO".
  9. taiwanmarlin

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    It's just what I want to say,guaranteed money means "injury risk" free to players.
  10. taiwanmarlin

    6/19 In San Francisco

    How could you dismantling a team like this !?
  11. taiwanmarlin

    International FA

    He's already wearing Marlins cap !?
  12. taiwanmarlin

    International FA

    "The next great Cuban ace? The baseball blog Con Las Bases Llenashas a good interview with 16 year old Cuban prospect Sandy Gaston, in which he talks about the Miami Marlins being his destination of choice. https://twitter.com/all_right_Miami/status/973162706458079232/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-110127350957411840.ampproject.net%2F1529106593171%2Fframe.html"
  13. taiwanmarlin

    International FA

    https://calltothepen.com/2018/06/17/miami-marlins-midseason-report-card-goes-2018-rebuild/ "Fortunately, the next international signing period is about to get under way. More fortunately still, no team in baseball has more money to spend this time around than the Miami Marlins. Derek Jeter has a golden opportunity here to splash the pot come July. The Marlins enjoy over a $1 million edge over the Cubs, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yankees. More over the Astros. The path is wide open to inking a kid who grew up watching Miguel Cabrera, Ramirez, and Fernandez win games in Miami. Baseball America thinks the Fish have a real shot at Top 15 prospect Sandy Gaston, and MLB.com seems to agree. Personally, I’d like to see them think bigger. Miami landing Richard Gallardo or Osiel Rodriguez would be a huge win for the new regime. Again, making waves in international free agency would be new territory for Miami. A truth that is pretty odd considering Cabrera remains the poster child for success in that arena. Do it, and Marlins fans will notice."
  14. taiwanmarlin

    Frisaro doesn't think Marlins will trade Realmuto

    Really !? but why ?

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