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  1. Boycott The Team

    I know their rotation suck,not sure they tried hard or not.
  2. Boycott The Team

    Yea,he would be the face of this team,but didn't in the other team.
  3. 5/21 Miami @ LA

    Marlins game comes back to typical Marlins game after one atypical Marlins game…
  4. Blow The Whole Thing Up

    Jeff Mathis's hitting was much better than AJ Ellis in this season…
  5. 5/20/2017 Postgame thread

    So after a Dodgers win,everybody sticks their butts in the seats !?
  6. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    Ok,winning today first,I think.
  7. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    So we really starting Worley tomorrow !?
  8. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    Which relief arm to call up after send down Garcia ? Steckenrider !?
  9. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    You know what ? that shitty game was still appear in my dream after many years.
  10. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    If Phelps pitched in this game that would means Worley starts the next game,I just don't think they would do that.
  11. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    Because they're just not used to that…
  12. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    Fuck that Garcia guy,fuck !
  13. 5/20 Miami @ LA

    I know you're just kidding.
  14. If you were incoming owner what would your first move be?

    My thinking never change,just spend more.
  15. Marlins TRADE Rumors

    I don't like the fire sale,never again.