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  1. taiwanmarlin

    Will the Marlins be worse in 2019?

    I would still be a Marlins fan if they have a BAD 2019…
  2. I'd rather to believe Yelich won't become a clubhouse cancer,because you just have no evidence to assume that.
  3. taiwanmarlin

    Will the Marlins be worse in 2019?

    They better have a better 2019 season.
  4. taiwanmarlin

    Victor Victor cleared

    My point was this is a showcase for a international prospect that needs the "limited pool money" to sign,so the showcase may meaningless to some teams with very low amount of that pool money…
  5. taiwanmarlin

    Victor Victor cleared

    V.V. would have a showcase for all 30 teams in the Dominican republic in the next month,so don't think he would signing any contract before that due to needs to showing some respect to that "showcase", but it's also weird to need this showcase because it's not like every team could increases their offers freely after this showcase due to the pool money limit.
  6. And on Chen's returning for 2019,Jeter said "he's under contract,right ?".
  7. taiwanmarlin

    Victor Victor cleared

    Yeah,Joe is the best.
  8. taiwanmarlin

    Trevor Rogers and Braxton Garrett

    I'm really like this post !
  9. taiwanmarlin

    Trevor Rogers and Braxton Garrett

    Our two former 1st rounder LHP,would one of them become our Kershaw or Bumgarner ?
  10. taiwanmarlin

    13 let go from Minor League Coaching & Development staffs

    You're not the first one to say something like that.
  11. taiwanmarlin

    Is Joe right or wrong?

    Maybe he's right and maybe he's wrong…
  12. taiwanmarlin

    Mattingly's complain

    "Marlins manager Don Mattingly was the latest manager to complain about September roster expansion rules, stating that “the game you play for five months is not the game you play in September.” According to Mattingly, the roster expansion from 25 to 40 in the month of September changes the “fundamental nature of the game” by allowing clubs to use up to 40 players in a given contest as opposed to the 25 they’d be able to use from April to August. Objectively, Mattingly’s accusation that the game is fundamentally different is hard to argue. With a hat tip to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN for the stats, the recent Saturday contest between the Marlins and Phillies was the first non-DH game since 1900 in which no pitcher recorded a plate appearance. It was also just the fourth game in MLB history in which no pitcher tallied more than six outs. Mattingly’s not the first manager to take issue with roster expansion; former Brewers GM Doug Melvin complained about the change as early as 2005."
  13. taiwanmarlin

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    We didn't have any hitter with batting average over .300 and didn't have any SP with ERA less than 4.
  14. taiwanmarlin

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    I believe our lineup or rotation would guarantee 100+ losses,too…maybe blow the lineup and rotation for the next season,too.

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