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  1. No, maybe the Miami win and the Marlins lose…
  2. I doubt we would see Conley and Guerrero in our pen next season.
  3. Besides the three HBP in the first inning, he's pitched not bad.
  4. It's really great we have countless useful SPs (Hernandez and Dugger …).
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/is-diamondbacks-pitcher-zac-gallen-the-latest-star-sent-packing-by-derek-jeters-marlins-013242775.html
  6. Guys, see you in the next season !!!
  7. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/09/nl-east-notes-freeman-braves-phillies-marlins.html "Perhaps of even more consequence, there are rumblings that Michael Hill will be removed from his position as President of Baseball Ops, a title he’s held since a being promoted from GM in 2013. Hill has been with the organization since 2002. Scuttlebutt has long-time Giants front office frontman Brian Sabean as a potential replacement, while current Marlins VP of Player Development and Scouting Gary Denbo has be increasingly relied upon of late. Notably, both Sabean and Denbo have ties to Derek Jeter’s early days with the Yankees."
  8. The concept of "two batters away from winning" ?
  9. We're only three game behind Orioles for the second overall draft pick !!!
  10. The rebuilding of the Astros must be failed because they loss over 100 times in the every season under their rebuilding process …
  11. We have a healthy leading in the third overall pick for the next draft !!!
  12. Agreed, this team just would have lots of outfield options in the major league level next season.
  13. Some people here give up on him several months ago …
  14. Didn't it a high fastball that all the good hitters would chase !?
  15. Exactly that's in same at-bat, just signing that kid.
  16. Just imagine how good these kids would be in the majors in 2~3 years !!!
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