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  1. Anybody know why Jazz didn't play for two straight games ?
  2. That's what should happen in a successful rebuilding.
  3. https://www.mlb.com/marlins/news/sandy-alcantara-strong-outing-at-coors-field "Alcantara became only the seventh road pitcher since 2014 to go at least seven innings at Coors Field while giving up two or fewer runs and three or fewer hits. The other six are the D-backs’ Luke Weaver (May 4, 2019), the Cardinals’ John Gant (August 25, 2018), the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright (May 27, 2017), the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg (August 19, 2015), the Cardinals’ Lance Lynn (June 23, 2014) and the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw (July 4, 2014)."
  4. Pablo should be only one or two more rehab games from rejoining the Marlins rotation.
  5. I think the outcome of the rehab games were just not important.
  6. Didn't the Dodgers just hits 15 HRs in the three game series in this ballpark !? so I believe the point was in the players and not in the size of the ballpark.
  7. MLBTR, just showing some respect, Marlins are a MLB team !!!
  8. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/08/mlbtr-poll-the-nl-east-bullpen-experience.html I even can't vote my team …
  9. Good swing for Lewis, I think he's really different now.
  10. Many people here dislike Mattingly, so would you continue to be a Fish fan if Mattingly be the manager of this team in the 2020 and beyond ?
  11. VVM 2-4 tonight, that's just great.
  12. This loss was all on Isan's bad base running, yeah, it's growing pains …
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