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  1. because we all believe in this team would be good in three to five years.
  2. It's really something that difficult to swallow, I wouldn't follow the "former" star players of this team but you would always watch or hear these stuff in the community of baseball, everytime you would think they're the Marlins before …
  3. It's really difficult to be a fan of a rebuilding team, look, it's just the first month of the second year of this rebuilding but the bad feelings of watching these suck games already make it difficult to keep following the team daily, I just want to say it's a mission impossible to support a team like the pre-champion Astros for five years, so it's not like I'm too greedy or impatient to wait for five years or more to want this team to contend in three years, but it's really too difficult to suffer these shit for five years.
  4. It's the disadvantage of the draft rule, teams would to lose games on purpose to get the better draft order.
  5. Everyone knows for O'Brien it's dream come true to play for the Marlins, but obviously it's a nightmare for the Marlins fans …
  6. At least Brinson showing his angry after that K.
  7. I believe we would be good one day.
  8. I think we would play much better than last series, because it's always beat the good team after lost to bad team, but didn't happen this time …
  9. 22 million, obviously that's due to Chen's salary …
  10. It means 12 teams have the same or higher amount of pools money than us, so it's necessary to add more if we target the best prospects.
  11. I still think it's a bad decision for Don to come to Miami, maybe he thinks it's a big challenge for him …I believe it would be a difficult job whomever takes it.
  12. Yeah, just like the rookie players, the rookie manager needed every minute on the field to grow to a good manager.
  13. I believe every rebuild team would be laughingly bad.
  14. If this team really would have a new manager next season, I'm not against to have a new one now.
  15. Loria : Derek, I'm so sorry to give Chen that contract. Jeter : Just get out of my way.
  16. Yeah, it's why I didn't worry about our veterans play suck, because this team have many many many good prospects waiting for the chance to contribute to the Marlins.
  17. I believe Don wants to say "Chen sucks" in mind , but he just couldn't do that publicly …
  18. I think this team should just release him even it would cost this team over 40 million, just thinking how much money this team saved from G, Dee and Yeli's contracts.
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