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  1. What to do with all these "good" starting pitchers ? I won't trade any of them unless Bellinger was available, no kidding.
  2. Is it a bad sign that this team still not lock up JJ !? just don't tell me the college season still not over…
  3. I know you still not give up on him, too.
  4. Just wondering who is the other one ?
  5. Yeah, it's not like we're competing and can't waste a roster spot, what a rebuilding team needs to do was trying all the players in the regular games.
  6. Is it for real !? Kolek no walk and two strikeouts in one inning !!!
  7. Orr, Burdick and Edwards all hitting great in the Batavia.
  8. Brinson two HRs today, how about that !!! how about give him one more chance now ?
  9. Unbelievable, Rivera was much better than Brinson in Jeter's mind …I bet Lewis would stuck in the New Orleans forever …
  10. Why the gap between the "really signing bonus" and the "slot value" would be so ridiculous "big" ? I mean, if a player was really worth the "slot value" then why would he accepts the huge discount in the signing bonus ? I believe the signing bonus was very important to the players in the financial aspects because the salary of the minor league was very low and only a few players would really earn the money of the major league.
  11. Anybody know why the signing bonus all much lower than the "pick# value" ?
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