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  1. When we're a winning team, this team would be the first one I want to beat.
  2. @Michael, thank you very much !!!
  3. Excuse me, what's the meaning of "TLDR" ?
  4. Chen strikes out Riley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you Braves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Urena vs. Soroka Against the Braves, we would know this team was really good or not.
  6. KKaleb pitched not good recently, maybe it's an issue.
  7. Maybe it's a concern that KKaleb becomes from an ace to the worst in this rotation in recent starts …
  8. Apparently it's Cody Ross…
  9. But "too positive" was always better than "too negative", right ?
  10. I believe the meaning of "tanking" was to create a bad roster but still do the best to try to win every game, not creating a bad roster and intending to lose games, right ?
  11. @Michael, forget Tork, this team was just too good to lose now.
  12. Never believe in it, it's his older sister !!!
  13. He can try, it's just doesn't matter at all.
  14. You can say it's a fluke, you can say it's a small sample size, you can say whatever you want, but playing good baseball is playing good baseball !!!
  15. Would we see Yeli pitched tonight ? a southpaw.
  16. Yeli, how about this !!!
  17. Everyone wants different player, so how to judge the success or fail ?
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