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  1. Just do anything you want for Chen, but just don't touch the other two.
  2. That's the logo of the Padres ? so maybe @Erick was a fan of the Padres, too.
  3. A win was something that would make us very happy.
  4. yeah, it would be much more funny to watch …
  5. it's really suck to be a fan of a rebuilding team…I just want to buy the milb.tv now…
  6. how about to fast forward these rebuilding seasons ?
  7. wow, we're just as good as the Astros and the Yankees !
  8. you just would never know what these young players would do in the next seconds …
  9. it's always not funny to be a fan of a rebuilding team, right ?
  10. same old Marlins, many hits but few runs…
  11. Just how about keep @Erick in the St. Petersburg ?
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