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  1. so no more Napoli?or just a backup?
  2. http://www.baseballessential.com/news/2015/12/12/source-dan-black-signs-with-marlins-on-minor-league-deal/
  3. sticks as closer,a strong possibility?who knows???
  4. Donnie Baseball must wonder that why his new boss doesn't spend free like his former boss.
  5. anybody know what's be the most excited thing in the world?don't follow any marlins roster move until the OPENING DAY,but I know it's very difficult for any DIE-HARD FAN.
  6. 36 should be enough for kazmir Kennedy napoli.
  7. the only way to be a happy marlins fan was to be have no expectation on them.
  8. If Loria still don't spend big after we got the money from new TV deal and ballpark naming,then it would be a perfect reason for MLB to force him to sell the team.
  9. totally agreed,some team have prospects,some team have money....but we have nothing at all!!!
  10. Breaking News : Zack Greinke has opted out of contract again after he put on the DBacks' new uniform.
  11. after the winter meeting,I think the most good available players are to lose.
  12. besides the Jose rumors,we almost have no any other rumors about other players,wondering what's be the thinking of our front ofice.
  13. just so frustrated,already the third night and still nothing happened.
  14. it seems that Loria really don't want to spend any money in this offseason.
  15. I mean if he doesn't told Jose to not accept our extension offer,then would have no any rumors right now.
  16. everyone should know now Boras is who we should hate for,he forced us to trade Jose,not Loria.
  17. cub,dodger,dback,red sox got EVERYTHING,we got NOTHING !!!
  18. Dodgers just signing Iwakuma for 3/45,can't we beat that ?
  19. taiwanmarlin


    the bullpen market was just as crazy as the SP market.
  20. don't know why we can give G 13/325,but can't give Jose something like 6/150?
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