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  1. our current 2016 payroll was at about 63M,so we still have about 17M to spend if our project payroll was at 80M,and even at 80M still be VERY LOW.
  2. how many year and AAV be our offer to Fister ?
  3. It seems that they would make the final decision after the Tim's showcase in the next month,but I afraid that they would missed out on the other candidates due to the WAITING.
  4. Yes,we got Ozuna finally.
  5. It's my first time see a "RED" REPUTATION.
  6. Great news,we keep both Reinzo with Medica after DFA them !!!
  7. after Google,I know why Admin loves her so much,she is so HOT !!!
  8. you know who I mean,come on!! and after they fail on Heyward and Upton,seeing them go ALL IN on this guy,really bad news for us.
  9. I could watch every marlins' game that started by Chen on fox sport taiwan next season,because they broadcasted every orioles' game that started by Chen in the last FOUR YEARS.
  10. and maybe he just don't like to speak English.
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