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  1. Yeah, Sandy is a bright spot in recent weeks !!!
  2. We would be lucky to have the 3rd overall pick.
  3. I'm with you in this, it's really a big issue especially when it happens in a super big ballpark.
  4. I know he's hitting great as a pitcher, but he's still a pitcher so I'm not against to the idea.
  5. Two error for Isan in this game already, one base running and one fielding, I'm really speechless to him now.
  6. Smith continues pitching sucks.
  7. Smith vs. former Marlins Castillo
  8. GCL Marlins tied with another GCL Marlins ?
  9. Neidert, to make up the innings lost due to injury.
  10. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/sunday-notes-logan-morrison-is-cherishing-the-present-while-looking-beyond-mlb/ "It sucks when you feel you can help a team win, but there are only eight teams out there truly trying to win,” Morrison told me earlier this week. “You look at rosters and know that you’re better than guys, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because of the economic situation. Having someone under control for six years is more important than them actually being good. The game has turned into where being young is a tool. If you ask baseball people, and fans who want their teams to win, that shouldn’t be the case. Unfortunately it is." LoMo, you're just not that good.
  11. I always think Brian Miller would be a decent player and hope to see Monte in the Miami next month.
  12. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article234309512.html "The Marlins are unlikely to promote Jesus Sanchez, one of their top outfield prospects, when rosters expand in September, according to a source. The Marlins believe Sanchez already has had a full year playing for three teams at Double and Triple A. Sanchez, rated baseball’s 40th best prospect by MLB.com, is hitting .254, with four homers and nine RBI in 16 games in New Orleans since being acquired from Tampa." Ok, see him in the Miami next year.
  13. Frisaro said it's "not believed to be injury related" and apparently it's wrong.
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