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  1. Mesa Jr. has a fast start to his professional career.
  2. Ok, I must remind myself it's a rebuilding season …
  3. His scouting report seems not very good.
  4. Ok, he sucks and just don't give him what he wants …
  5. Yeah, except for the higher drafted player owed the money to the lower drafted player …
  6. I know we won't sign the No.1 international talent …
  7. Don't worry, they would all becoming to the pitchers eventually …
  8. If we release him after this season, how much money would we need to pay him ?
  9. Who cares, this team would have the most wins in the next ten years.
  10. Anybody pls. help to list all the scenarios that would happen to this team about Chen's contract in the deadline and next season.
  11. Yeah, the only reason should be the innings limited thing, and that's why we carried with 9 relief pitchers, but Chen…
  12. I know it's difficult to sweep a series, but just do your best to make it happen.
  13. SSSWWWEEEEEEPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Just welcome the fans of the other 29 teams to come to the Marlins Park !!!
  15. Great win, Jordan tomorrow !!!
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