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  1. @Ema2R, TEN WINS IN A ROW BABY !!!
  2. Yea, Marlins WWWIIINNN again and again !!!
  3. I think so too, but it's an error for long time.
  4. Do we really have a "whole Miami blue" jersey that including the "blue" pants !?
  5. I believe in the other 29 teams, he would be an untouchable prospect…but not in the Marlins.
  6. I even want to be a fan of the Padres now…
  7. Astros didn't care about winning from 2009~2014 Cubs didn't care about winning from 2010~2014
  8. So our pitchers always added mph from last season !?
  9. So how many mph added from last season ?
  10. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/03/2019-20-mlb-free-agent-power-rankings.html It's really excited !!!
  11. Transfer to 5.5 WAR or 5.5 more in the K/9 ?
  12. I believe it would be a "small name" FA.
  13. Second weird move after the move of Wittgren…
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