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  1. @SilverBullet, are you serious ? I just don't think so.
  2. Then I hope he would never come back.
  3. I didn't notice the early start time (which hardly to happen) and I checked the scoreboard at 7:30 AM then found out we're shutout the Mutts already, the feeling was really good.
  4. For what reason ? make it to the playoffs ?!
  5. I don't understand why HS players have higher ceilings than college players, didn't a good college player would be more proven than a good HS player ?
  6. Phew ! we won't break the record.
  7. And then I think I still not check the minor league games today and I just go to check the minor league games that just really mattered.
  8. I said fuck you when they didn't score in the last inning when man on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out, but I calm down ten seconds after because I know the win was just not important right now and the bad performance of Berti,Herrera and Prado just not important, too.
  9. This lineup even couldn't score a damn run when KKaleb on the mound …
  10. Why not give Dean another shot ? you know it won't hurt no matter what.
  11. Really ? I didn't notice that.
  12. Harold, makes the GM of Pirates and Blue Jays cry.
  13. If Lewis was really a bust, then he would never be the only one bust that ranked top 100.
  14. All the teams were racing for the first one to have a handshake deal with these top international talent, so maybe the Blue Jays have a handshake deal with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. when he's still in his mother's uterus.
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