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  1. Hernandez vs. Castillo Would we see Isan in this game !?
  2. Jesus hits two HRs in his first Baby Cakes game !!!
  3. Ok, so how about put it in the "Sports Forum" ?
  4. How about to make a "minor league game thread of the day" in the game thread section everyday and discuss all the minor league games of that day over there ?
  5. Maybe it's more fun to watch and discuss the Jumbo Shrimp than the Marlins now.
  6. Lopez pitched only 2/3 innings, maybe got the pitches limit.
  7. I believe this team would spend lots of money in the FA after they got the money of the new TV deal just like what Arizona did a few years ago, because all the fans would be pissed off if the owner just pocketing it and not investing it in the team.
  8. Yeah, I think so and how about the cycle in the first game after arriving to this organization.
  9. @Michael and @SilverBullet, how about to create a new section of "Minor league game thread" ?
  10. I'm watching the game of Jacksonville and Chisholm hits a RBI triple and followed by Diaz's two run homer !!!
  11. Just hope he pitched like a "KILLER" or I would miss Nick …
  12. His personality or baseball skills ?
  13. We trade for the players in the 2A (Diaz and Chisholm) and 3A level (Sanchez) showing this team ready to play meaningful games in the next season and contend in the 2021.
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