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  1. I would call it a firesale after we trade all the veterans …
  2. @SilverBullet, go Astros !!!
  3. Ramirez and Cooper are decent, this lineup would be much better if two of Brinson, Harrison and Diaz pan out.
  4. Don't worry, they would easily losing ten straight after winning six straight …
  5. Would it be too much early to have a handshake deal with those players ?
  6. This team has a really mlb lineup since the arrival of Ramirez and Cooper.
  7. @SilverBullet, are you serious ? I just don't think so.
  8. Then I hope he would never come back.
  9. I didn't notice the early start time (which hardly to happen) and I checked the scoreboard at 7:30 AM then found out we're shutout the Mutts already, the feeling was really good.
  10. For what reason ? make it to the playoffs ?!
  11. I don't understand why HS players have higher ceilings than college players, didn't a good college player would be more proven than a good HS player ?
  12. Phew ! we won't break the record.
  13. And then I think I still not check the minor league games today and I just go to check the minor league games that just really mattered.
  14. I said fuck you when they didn't score in the last inning when man on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out, but I calm down ten seconds after because I know the win was just not important right now and the bad performance of Berti,Herrera and Prado just not important, too.
  15. This lineup even couldn't score a damn run when KKaleb on the mound …
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