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  1. Have the "new" Florida Marlins ?
  2. Didn't they called it the "opener" ?
  3. Unbelievable, how could this writer be so presumptuous and directed against us !?
  4. With so many promising OFs in the team, I'm OK to put Anderson in the hot corner.
  5. Weird !? if this team traded all their top 1000 players in their 100 years history then that's really weird and MLB would eliminate this team, I believe it's just the combination of bad organizated operations with the bad fan base in the short 26 years history, it simply would happen in every team.
  6. I'm not yet to read this, but give Hill an upvote first.
  7. Apparently Posey was just a joke !!!
  8. We're just can't wait to see him show for it !!!
  9. I think you would never have enough bonus money.
  10. Did they didn't hire anybody to update the photo of the players !?
  11. I don't think they would spend much money to do it.
  12. No more Realmuto and it's time to change my avatar back to Wei-Yin, I believe he wouldn't request for a trade…
  13. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/02/mlbtr-poll-nl-east-hierarchy.html Every real Marlins fan would vote Marlins, right ?
  14. Not surprised, reported they think JT was not a necessity…
  15. @SixtoBullet, how long would you keep your new name this time ?
  16. Great deal, the future is bright and I believe no more player would asking for the trade…
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