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  1. Why not give Dean another shot ? you know it won't hurt no matter what.
  2. Really ? I didn't notice that.
  3. Harold, makes the GM of Pirates and Blue Jays cry.
  4. If Lewis was really a bust, then he would never be the only one bust that ranked top 100.
  5. All the teams were racing for the first one to have a handshake deal with these top international talent, so maybe the Blue Jays have a handshake deal with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. when he's still in his mother's uterus.
  6. I'm made this thread to emphasize the importance of the balance of pitching and hitting, everybody knows this team seems always lacking one of them, for example, when we have a rotation of Johnson, Buehrle, Sanchez and Nolasco we have no a good lineup, and when we have a lineup of G,Yeli and Big Bear we have no a good rotation, I just don't want this situation to happen again so that's why I hope this team to sign or trade for some really hitters to boost the offense, I know we can easily to draft or sign some international talent but it would waste many years of good pitching of this team.
  7. It would be difficult to decide who would be traded for the bats.
  8. Why we're not the favorites to sign the top 5 ? yeah, fuck Loria.
  9. We seems have the good rotation and the good bullpen now, so how to have a good lineup ASAP to match with the good pitching ? we have no pitching in the past seasons so traded all the good hitters for the good pitchers, now we have the good pitching but without the good hitting, maybe need to sign or trade for some good veteran hitters if this team wants to compete in the near future.
  10. What I care for the future position players would only be their BATS.
  11. So it costs Ken Rosenthal how many hours to write this ?
  12. We would won the WS if half of these players pan out.
  13. Brinson is Lewis, Lewis is Brinson.
  14. Even play some infield if they don't mind.
  15. If I'm the owner of the Rays, I would relocate my team ASAP.
  16. So this team seems always fire the popular people and keep the unwelcome people.
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