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  1. Lewin was 0-8 in his first two games in our 2A team, he's a bust and we're the loser in this trade.
  2. Because they just know something that we don't …
  3. Wondering the story about this "meme glasses".
  4. I just don't know how to jinxed somebody's no hitter bids in my sleep …
  5. Just hope Miggy still a Marlins after the deadline.
  6. It's time to send Jordan back to the minors before his confidence was destroyed totally.
  7. I believe that's the stats of Kolek …
  8. Vallimont was good, so we're see high on this another "Diaz" kid.
  9. What dream ? Sandy to the pen ? but he pitched great tonight …
  10. I have no idea about it even I'm coming from the future …
  11. Richards is safe in staying with the Marlins, he's trade value is lowest now.
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