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  1. Richards is safe in staying with the Marlins, he's trade value is lowest now.
  2. Jordan no more fly and falls to the ground …
  3. When's the debut of Kameron ?
  4. Not the baseball god thinks this team not deserved to win, but the players themselves have no confidence and think they're not deserved to win …
  5. Tie it in the 8th and blow it in the next inning, yeah, it's rebuilding …
  6. Yeah, one more win-able lose … #onedaywewouldwonallthesegames
  7. @SilverBullet, welcome back from the Houston !!!
  8. Maybe this front office just knows something that we don't …
  9. Riddle wins it, he pays Jeter the fewest to play in the majors …
  10. @el_gmac, I spell correctly this team.
  11. Syndergaard vs. Gallen Fight for the first career win of Gallen !!!
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