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  1. MiguelDontrelle

    Marlins open 6 40-man spots

    There are lots of guys who will be Rule V eligible if not added to the 40-man this offseason: Diaz, Quijada, Schales, Harrison, Yamamoto, Poteet, Mills, S. Garrett, TWINE, Guzman, Kolek I'd assume Diaz, Harrison, Yamamoto are locks. Probably Guzman (some team could stash him in the BP)? I'd consider protecting Schales and Quijada too. I don't think we really have to worry about the others being taken.
  2. MiguelDontrelle

    Barraclough traded to Nats for international pool money

    Yes basically a voucher that gives them permission to spend, which expires at the beginning of the next IFA period.
  3. MiguelDontrelle

    Barraclough traded to Nats for international pool money

    Yeah kinda like last year when we sent IFA $ to the Yankees and Mariners, who were both trying for Ohtani but ultimately missed. I think at this point it's a safe assumption that we at least end up with the brothers OR Gaston (if we can't get all 3). Thinking about the the trade value of $1 mil IFA money that we got for Barraclough in terms of prospects: We sent $1 mil IFA to the Mariners last year in the Gordon deal. From what I remember many thought that Gordon had little if any surplus value bc of his contract. So it's not too crazy to think that a lot of the value we got back was bc of the IFA $. If you assume that the deal was basically Neidert for Gordon (which might be generous), then the $1 mil IFA $ basically got us Dugger and Torres. I think I'd be happy for that kind of return for Barraclough in terms of prospects at this point. Still probably selling low relative to what we could've got maybe a year or two ago, but I don't think there's much of a difference overall.
  4. MiguelDontrelle

    Victor Victor officially declared free agent

    Yeah to me it seems like the main reason VV is this season's top IFA is because it's way easier to project a guy that's already 22. Many see him as at least a good 4th OF, which is more than you can say for all the other 16/17 year old IFAs. That being said obviously I want us to sign him but I'm not convinced he's immediately our best prospect.
  5. This seems more important from a PR perspective than anything else. It'd be great to see them committing $ internationally. But as far as the player goes, another speed/defense OF with questions about offense. Fangraphs currently has him as 45+ FV with an Albert Almora comp. That's a good player to have, but I think the ceiling with guys like Brinson/Harrison is easily higher.
  6. MiguelDontrelle

    updated Top 10 prospects from FG (Marc Hulet)

    Harrison and Diaz were in their midseason top 100 so I have no idea what is going on with this list.
  7. MiguelDontrelle

    Is the 2018 team worse than the 1998 team?

    We got Lowell from the Yankees in the 99 offseason. Cabrera was 16 in 99. I definitely disagree that the 98 team was fun or interesting or whatever. I don't really remember any "rebuilding with interesting prospects" narratives around the team back then, it was just "the WS team was too expensive so they had to trade everyone and now they're gonna be bad for a long time." The young WS holdovers (Counsell, Livan, Renteria) had really boring years. The pitching staff was a disaster (3 guys with 10+ starts and ERAs over 6). It was grim, especially coming off a WS.
  8. MiguelDontrelle

    Is the 2018 team worse than the 1998 team?

    All of the 03 core guys that were on the Marlins in 98 were pretty bad that season (Lee, Castillo, Gonzalez). Burnett was still in the minors. High profile prospects like Wilson and Dempster also had really bad debuts that year. The rotation looked like trash but at least guys like Kotsay, Floyd, Dunwoody and Redmond looked somewhat promising. I don't remember being too optimistic about the future after that season but they did really well in 99 by acquiring Lowell and Penny, drafting Beckett and signing Miggy.
  9. MiguelDontrelle


    If teams saw Barraclough as a middle reliever, his true value was probably somewhere between what the Rays got for Andriese and what the Rangers got for Kela. I'm guessing a fringe top 20 guy + a lottery ticket. Would people have been happy with that? I think it's OK but I'm not sure if I care too much because I think they could probably get something similar at next year's deadline.
  10. MiguelDontrelle


    I mean there's not really a standard that says a player should be this good at a certain level by a certain age. I know it's not perfect, but using BR's AgeDif literally every prospect mentioned in this thread is young for their level (including Guzman).
  11. MiguelDontrelle


    Something else to consider if you're underwhelmed with some of the minor league performances: This new FO has been really aggressive w promotions. Like as soon as a guy shows signs of settling in they get bumped up a level. They've done this with Diaz, Lopez, Yamamoto, Miller, Dunand, Pompey, Osiris, Scott, banfield. Really the only guy that's been able to get comfortable and accumulate good stats is neidert. I have a weird feeling that people would feel better about guys like Lopez and Diaz if they were just left in AA to pad their stats all year.
  12. MiguelDontrelle


    Some early 06 Hermida/Abercrombie/Aguila/Reed combos come to mind.
  13. MiguelDontrelle


    The only player from the list of guys we traded that should've commanded a "Jose/Stanton/Yelich" type of player (lmao for including Morrison in that list, might as well include Hermida) is Yelich. Brinson's preseason rankings are in line with where Yelich was the year he was promoted.
  14. MiguelDontrelle

    Bour traded to Phillies.

    Pretty sure the Phils plan includes non-tendering Bour next season. They have $40 mil owed to Santana next two seasons, not sure why they'd pay $5 mil for Bour to come off the bench. It's a nice short term addition for the Phils but not much beyond that.
  15. MiguelDontrelle

    Bour traded to Phillies.

    Yeah, they like him enough to pay $450K to acquire him the summer before he's Rule 5 eligible. So there's a pretty high chance he gets added to the 40-man this offseason.

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