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  1. I dunno.. I think you may be overselling the asking price. Realmuto had 2 full years and was coming off an All-Star season. Bryant only has one year left and is coming off a poor shortened season. I don't think it would take any of the three names you mentioned. Maybe something with Harrison, DIaz, lower level pitching prospects, etc.? I don't pretend to be a trade expert but like noted before, if we suck, he can fetch us a decent haul at the deadline. If he has a great year, that means we probably had a great year so I'd be okay with it, and who knows, maybe he'd sign here
  2. Trade for Bryant Sign McCann to a two year deal Sign Paxton to a one year deal Sign a closer
  3. I'm a big fan. Wouldn't be an outrageous hall since he is a FA next year and coming off a bad "season". Would allow us to grow young OFs for another year in the minors. Gives us a badly needed power hitter in the middle of the lineup. He'd be motivated to produce during a contract year. If we aren't in playoff hunt, could net us a good haul at the deadline to recoup whatever we gave up for him. Is a no-brainer move IMO
  4. Feel bad for the guys that had to spend time in Clinton. Arm pit of America
  5. That Padres trade scenario was asinine
  6. There were some rumblings in the area he was not happy with the hiring of LaRussa and may move on but that seems to have died down
  7. It rained all day here and this weather usually goes to Chicago. Watch it rain tomorrow
  8. This is horseshit. I'm on a call with a group in Chicago and there is NO rain
  9. Chicago radio is saying the game is postponed
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