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  1. Sanchez and Diaz turning in to MLB studs would make everything so much easier this offseason
  2. Who was the idiot that said he hates bullpen games? What a turd!
  3. I'm ready for a minor league game! Home opener next week! View from my place
  4. I haaaaaaaaaate these bullpen games.. totally could have been avoided by spending a few mil. But I digress. Go Fish!
  5. Would have been awesome if we got the Marlins, but ended up with the Royals High-A team
  6. Iowa

    NFL Draft Thread

    Interesting comments from a guy who doesn't watch football
  7. Iowa

    NFL Draft Thread

    Is this a dream?!?! Haven't woken up yet???
  8. I was hungover all day yesterday. Here are my notes.. I had a blast: My seats were effing awesome. Right behind brewers dugout. Looks like I was on TV at the beginning of the bottom of the 4th. I was legitimately the only Marlin fan I saw there the whole time. Was rocking my teal Hawk jersey Jesus Aguilar is so much fun. Talks to fans, umps, dugouts, coaches, the entiiiiire game. He is such a character. Love that guy and LOVE that he hit the big HR in the game Fans were piiiiiiiiiiissed the whole game especially after that interference call. I made sure to chime in at a v
  9. Sorry, I totally forgot to come back to this thread. I was a bit of a hot mess after the game lol
  10. Yessir! Me in the bottom of the 4th 🙂
  11. Iowa

    NFL Draft Thread

    How the heck Ryan Pace was allowed to pick another QB, I'll never know.. but god bless our ineptness! Nice to have hope.. lord knows we deserve it
  12. Iowa

    NFL Draft Thread

    So you can insult me and I can't insult you back? I see. I'm not sure why I care or why you do, you don't watch football anymore for some asinine reason. Have a good night
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