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  1. Sixto if we win game 1, Pablo if we lose game 1 🙂
  2. Pablo and Kintzler need some votes but I'll go Jesus
  3. Still waiting on my call. I've cornered the Marlins fan in Iowa market for 26 years 😉
  4. That had to hurt. Color me shocked he said that. Self-deprecating too?! 2020 is weird
  5. that's good stuff brother. I'm so happy for those of us that have stuck through it all for 17 YEARS!!! Ps - I got ya by 2 weeks!! 😉
  6. So I'm totally in quarantine for COVID19 for the last 5 days. God i needed this lol
  7. Fuck yea baby!!!! We fucking deserve this so much. Most in to a baseball game ive been for sooooo long. Im so god damn happy!!!!!!!!!
  8. There are 29 games left in like 24 days. We need all hands on deck
  9. Hollandsworth reaction was great. Booooomer
  10. Gotta think we're locked in with Sandy, Pablo, Sixto, Hernandez and Rogers moving forward right? Urena being the floater due to high schedule load? Love.
  11. 15-15 at the turn after the corona is a dream. Strap in boys, its on now
  12. Not sure what happened there. Anywho, awesome news
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