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  1. Iowa

    Jesus Aguilar

    Having a DH really does change everything
  2. Gotta play dude from Houston everyday right?
  3. Iowa

    Jesus Aguilar

    Winning teams need to have players like Miggy and Jesus. Now we just need to surround them with legitimate players
  4. Iowa

    Jesus Aguilar

    I think we should keep him. I'm not sold on Lewin... and he's hilarious. Team control for two more years right? Such a great dude... would love to have him and rojas as team leaders
  5. Didn't he direct Scarface? It's all coming up Miami this deadline
  6. These are the types of trades we need (have) to make tho.. if it works out, Ng is gonna look great
  7. We're gonna make a major move with some these pitching prospects... right?
  8. Pretty happy with this.. gotta say I'm shocked. Time to get some bats
  9. Yimi is a dime a dozen. Will take whatever we can get. Hopefully lightning in a bottle!
  10. I know nothing about dude... bullet points anyone?
  11. We won't get anything of value for Marte. Having a hole that big in CF is ridiculous. SIGN MARTE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
  12. It's so effing sad that we can't lock up a top 5 CF for what looks to be a pretty reasonable asking price. Marte is an athletic freak and will be highly productive for another 5+ years. You know what would be awesome? If we re-signed him, didn't trade Aguilar and threw a boatload of cash at Kris Bryant. Pipe dream because that's what teams serious about contending would do.
  13. Legitimate All-Star in the middle of the lineup.. don't care what position
  14. Two starts in AAA then call him up
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