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  1. Would love Tommy back but having DTrain in the booth would be awesome
  2. Give Marte too much money. Find a catcher somehow. Would be nice to upgrade 3B as well
  3. This was one of the more poorly managed teams from the FO that I can ever remember from the Fish. Next year is a big season for Ng because if the roster mismanagment ruins what could be the best rotation we've ever had, I will want her gone ASAP
  4. Just to be clear, I don't live on a farm. lol
  5. I'd be the farm he ends up back in Chicago on a 2-year deal next year
  6. Cant wait to never see this dude pitch again
  7. This is tough because i fucking love breakfast. I'd ranked them: Eggs Benedict and hash browns Corned beef hash and eggs w/toast Biscuits and gravy (A side of bacon with anything)
  8. Pancakes are okay but there so many better breakfast options out there.
  9. Iowa


    Sliced turkey all the time. I had a turkey bacon wrap for lunch today and it was fantastic Turkey dinners? Thanksgiving and then maybe another once or twice a year at the machine shed
  10. I picked up Brinson in fantasy. Hell has frozen over
  11. Prime free through work. Split Netflix, Hulu and HBO with friends. Steal Showtime and ESPN+ from my brother. Also split MLB.tv with my Boston friend (I want my money back) No Disney and No Apple.. want to try Apple for Ted Lasso Outside of MLB.tv, I think I spend around 20 bucks a month
  12. Iowa

    Soup or salad

    Soup in the winter, salad in the summer
  13. Iowa

    Field of Dreams game

    No chance.. Iowa is not nearly big enough for a professional team unfortunately. Granted they could probably plop a football field anywhere in Iowa (ala Green Bay) and they'd sell out.. just not enough TV sets and money for that to happen. Baseball and 81 games would never work.. but we do have a lot of good minor league baseball in the state though! The broadcast quality by Fox was OUTSTANDING. For as bad as they butchered the US Open, they more than made up for it on this game. The weather working out perfectly had a lot to do with it too. Can't wait for it to come back again!
  14. Iowa

    Field of Dreams game

    That game was an all-timer. What an awesome event
  15. Iowa

    Field of Dreams game

    I kind of realized after i posted but my brain is mush today
  16. Iowa

    Field of Dreams game

    The movie field is extremely small. They built a new one on the same property
  17. My brother won some tickets but i didnt 😞 Field looks amazing. Going to be awesome! perfect 👌
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