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  1. It has been confirmed that Roy Halladay was the pilot who perished in the crash.
  2. There have been two winners in their home ballpark-Ryne Sandberg (1990) and Todd Frazier (2015).
  3. Neither team is televising this game, but it is being shown on MLB Network (MLB Network Alt. On Directv) with Marlins radio broadcast.
  4. Volquez vs. Gossett (MLB debut) Lineup Dee Giancarlo Christian Marcell J.T. Derek Tyler JT Edinson
  5. Wed. 5/10 vs. Cardinals Mon. 5/15 vs. Astros http://www.espn.com/mlb/television
  6. March 2nd vs Mets on MLB Network as well.
  7. http://miami.marlins.mlb.com/schedule/broadcast/index.jsp?c_id=mia
  8. With all of the posts, not sure if this had been mentioned, but Jose asked "several" other Marlins to go with him on the boat Saturday night. One of them was Ozuna, who cautioned Jose about going out.
  9. Seeing everyone wearing the jersey is eerie. Each time I see the back of a player, I expect them to turn around and for it to be Jose.
  10. It will be the ESPN Sunday night game. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ben_ESPN/status/707300360956866561 The game will be played in a 12,500-seat ballpark that will be paid for by MLB and the MLBPA, and then converted into a softball field after the game.
  11. next Tuesday vs. Cardinals? Home game, national tv audience
  12. The runner is out if the ball hits him before it gets to an infielder, whether it is done intentionally or not. The umpire also has the discretion to call the batter out and send the other runner back to first if it's deemed intentional.
  13. Top three choices: T-Hut, Pat Shine, Allison Williams
  14. He managed for 8 years in minors, 5 at aaa with one championship, fwiw.
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