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  1. Iowa

    2019 ZiPS Projections

    Our best comp is of a guy who died in his prime. That's so Marlins
  2. Iowa

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Happy to hear they're getting rid of the green
  3. Iowa

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    Somebody tell me something positive about the Marlins
  4. Iowa

    4/30 Post Game

    This team is a little bit better than I anticipated. Not quite as terrible as I thought. Have already watched more games this year than I thought I would watch all year so kudos to them for playing hard
  5. If I actually watch more than 2 games
  6. This will be my 23rd year as Marlins fan and the first year in a looooooooong time that I don't buy MLB.TV. It was a slow ass kicking but the Marlins have done their best to completely beat me down and desensitize myself from baseball. Didn't think it was a remote possibility but here we are. Sometimes I wish 12 year old Iowa didn't become a marlins fan
  7. Iowa

    Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    Let me guess, a bullshit return
  8. Iowa

    Dee Gordon traded to the Seattle Mariners

    It's always cute when we think we're gonna get something of value for one of our players
  9. Not jumping ship but I'm not going to watch 1 minute of Marlins' baseball next season
  10. Iowa

    Orange Marlins Visor

    I have an orange jersey, need the visor! If anybody can source one, let me know!
  11. Iowa

    Orange Marlins Visor

    Literally nothing on the internet. Argh
  12. Not sure why I'm having a hard time finding one.. anybody know where to purchase online?
  13. Iowa

    Hurricane Irma

    A lot of my day planning the help for our branch in Miami. Have a fuel trucked lined up. This is going to be a bad one. Again, stay safe!!!