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  1. I do, every game. Mostly on gameday on mlb.com As I live in Brazil and don't want to spend on MLB TV this season, this is pretty much the only way to follow the games. I've watched the 2 or 3 games shown on cable. Baseball is not very popular down here, so there aren't that many games on TV. Marlins games are really rare.
  2. I am hoping Trevor Richards works out, love his story coming out of an idependent league.
  3. Yeah, I was going to mention that one. I was at the ballpark that day. We had a good team, had high hopes that year.
  4. I think this is an OK move. I get why it makes sense to keep him down for a month. But I think having him on the operning day roster is a PR move as well, and the franchise needs that. It sends a message that things are different now, they are not just about saving money, etc. It's small for now. But a few moves like this might start improving the way the franchise is perceived.
  5. Hermida. I was at the ballpark when he hit a grand slam on his first major league AB, that was really cool. He was a decent player for a few years, a great one in 2007. Too bad his numbers went downhill from there.
  6. Don't get me wrong, they are fun and a big part of what happens here. I just said it gets overdone. Sometimes I am reading a thread and it gets highjacked for 5 pages on some random crap. haha It doesn't keep me away. And since I've been following the forum for so long, I am actually in on the jokes. I get most of the stuff. I guess I should stop being a creepy lurker and actually contribute sometime.
  7. I think too many threads get derailed by some not so funny inside jokes. Some of the stuff is funny, but it's overdone. Pretty much every thread gets heavy-handedly highjacked (including this one). I am a lurker. I check out the forum every day, I've been doing this for years. As a Brazilian Marlins fan, I have no contact with other fans in person, so I like to read what you all have to say. It's fun. That's my only criticism, otherwise I really like the place. I even like the jokes, but it is just a bit too much some times.
  8. I've been reading this forum daily for a few years now, but never posted before. This is so unfair to Tommy that It made me want to show my solidarity to him in any small way I could. Fuck you, Marlins. I will go back to lurking now.
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