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  1. A troll? You think Phelps facing 3-4 lefties is good and letting Phelps hit?! Hahaha. Donnie just gave the game away
  2. Don't tell Admin that. Donnie lost this game. Period.
  3. Baker just outmanaged Mattingly VERY bad. That's what a pinch hitter is for.
  4. I'm pretty sure Jeff Nelson knows what he's talking about. As always, you think the Marlins can do no wrong and Mattingly sucks at managing a pen. The 8 man BS will last less than 3 weeks. Awful move
  5. Terrible decision. I agree with Jeff Nelson in studio. Let Volquez pitch until trouble and then PH with him. We basically have only 3 bench guys because back up catcher won't be used. This 8 man pen BS will only last a few weeks until one of McGowan/Wittgren/Urena suck
  6. Wtf?! Phelps? This is why 8 man pen is terrible. 27 outs in a game. Marlins already handicapped to 26.
  7. I'm pretty sure he can pitch any spot all year and Mattingly is going to use his best on opening day
  8. Woof. Fastball right down the middle. Should have stuck with Volquez until at least 1 base runner. I like mattingly but like dodger fans say, he has no feel for pen
  9. Yeah you're right. 6 homers in 32 ABs. Should be fine. http://www.rotowire.com/baseball/vsbatter.htm?id=11941 :1310_thumbsup_tone1: At least Haroer is only 1-9 vs Volquez
  10. It would be tough for Tyler Moore to lose a spot on the LAST day but the Rays just cut Nick Franklin, still just 26. He hit .293 vs righties last year with 8 HR in 92 AB....hit .362 this spring with 2 HR, 8 RBI and 4 steals. Pretty surprising. He can play OF, 3B, 2B and 1B. Extremely versatile. I think the reason the Fish haven't announced yet is to look at the waiver options.
  11. Actually looks good without Scherzer. Hoping we can somehow win the first one Harper owns Koehler
  12. Correct but he's been pitching and scouts are saying 92-94 mph is his high.
  13. Preller is just trolling the Fish with this move after they tattled on them.
  14. No. He pitched last night in a game. Velocity is down.
  15. Capps velocity is 94 mph now. Let's see how he does. Esch has to at least be an upgrade over Paul Clemens haha.
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