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  1. Mike Hill has an expensive contract. So he'll probably be around until it's done. He probably sucked a d or two as well.
  2. Don't sit there. Give yourself a few extra rows of reaction time old man
  3. Not a fan of eliminating the destruction of faces of people not paying attention to the game.
  4. Good move. Maybe the cut payroll reports from before meant these guys.
  5. It meant something to me
  6. You can't help but think of me and firing loads. Happy!
  7. Pretty sure this is what [uSER=14703]@Bald Eagle[/uSER] wanted to do C - CJ 1B - Derek Lee 2B - Castillo 3B - Lowell SS - Hanley OF - Sheffield OF - Cabrera OF - Conine SP - JJ SP - Brown SP - Livan SP - Beckett SP - Leiter BP - Benitez MNG - Edwin
  8. I know it was long ago, but try to remember passed the headlines. Actually, go fresh yourself on what happened.
  9. Sorry to bust your bubbles but the Marlin's have assets to borrow money against. Easily. Also, MLB would never allow a team to default on payments. Loria still a dick.
  10. The marlins would declare bankruptcy, not Loria. MLB would never allow that anyways.
  11. squall

    Hurricane Irma

    You smart. You a genius. I appreciate that.
  12. squall

    Hurricane Irma

    Annnnnnd it's not gonna hit Miami.
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