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  1. Wilson didn't do play-by-play except once that I can remember. He was a color analyst
  2. Finally a trade we can be happy about. We actually got some talent this time.
  3. Look now who is being a "dope". The whole "being a baseball owner" is an ego-trip for Jeter. Look how he treats people. His ego knows no bounds, because people have kissed his ass for almost his entire adult life.
  4. Wait until you see what happens to this economy in the next 5 years because of the tax giveaway to the 1%. Baseball will be one of it's biggest victims. People will have a LOT LESS disposable income and working 2nd & 3rd jobs (if they can find one) will diminish their time to watch baseball.
  5. And why does that diminish my thought on it.....he will change them because of his ego more than anything else.
  6. Agree....Jeter is all about ego, just like Loria. They will be changed, but it's just down the line.
  7. Really your certain he has those years ? You can guarantee it ? One name...José Fernandez. I don't blame Yelich. If he stays he's doomed to play for an organization that, at best, is 3 years if not 5 years from even posting a winning record, much less a World Series winner. We can get a haul for him....Make the deal.
  8. Can't do that, it's in the CBA that players salaries can't be bargained down. The owners agreed to guaranteed contracts, so they can blame themselves.
  9. Sherman wouldn't get his foot in the door without Jeter.....
  10. Most years they have owners meetings only at the Winter Meetings....so yes owners are there most years.
  11. True but's just the WORST way they could have started. Yes they had to do it, but it just makes the majority of potential fans skeptical of everything they do.
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