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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Marlins snuck in an extra year of decision making with Sierra right? He's out of options and would have had to have been DFA'd at the end of spring if he didn't make the team. Now he's in the 60-man player pool and he won't be exposed to waivers even if he doesn't make the Opening Day roster. Does this mean they won't actually have to make a decision on him until next spring now?
  2. The Miami Marlins played against themselves once again on Friday and the final score was 4-2 in seven innings. Pablo Lopez and Jose Urena were the starters for Team White and Team Blue respectively in this one. Lopez went five innings, while Urena lasted four. Both pitchers were on similar pitch counts to Thursday's starters, and could see a similar workload in their next outing as well. The Marlins will need to be cautious with their staff, even with the season only two weeks away. Lewin Diaz followed up on his Thursday home run, with a frozen rope to left field in this one. Diaz c
  3. Mr. Cooper should help him, all he does is hang out with people.
  4. He'll be the head coach for your wife's soul later? Weird flex.
  5. The Miami Marlins won and also lost in a simulated game at Marlins Park on Thursday evening. With modified rules and a relaxed atmosphere, this was the first opportunity since early March, for hitters and pitchers to get into some type of game action. The outfield was as empty as the stands at times, with infield only alignments in play early in the contest. Pinch runners would run the bases for the lineup, but not replace those players in the batting order. A scorecard would be useless and even the most meticulous fan could not possibly have kept up with things. But heck, it was a live b
  6. A lot of Mike Trout fans here apparently
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