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  1. An injury allows a guy to come back quicker than the 10 days
  2. I heard of it but never had it or knew what was in it besides bananas.
  3. I'm going to predict that Brinson comes back up and does well and ends up getting most of the playing time.
  4. I never tried this one but as a big fan of Rice Krispies as well as a lover of chocolate, I don't see how it can be bad.
  5. I use Ocean Bank to support a sponsor of the Marlins, but Citizens Bank seems fine.
  6. As a frequent player of those, I take offense to this statement but also agree with it.
  7. You need to go into File Management and delete the save file for RTTS I believe
  8. Graphics wise it’s not much different. The enhancements for me are in the controller. It is immersive. The dual sense controller for ps5 is utilized well by some games, the show is one of them.
  9. Back to back series wins, that works for me. Let's take another series against Baltimore.
  10. He was placed on the IL before today's game.
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