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  1. What a brutal road trip to end the season.
  2. I don’t see the season getting canceled, barring something huge happening. I think the season happens, though I could see more players opting out before the season actually begins.
  3. Month later almost, where you at?
  4. I'm really excited to see Monte in action. I had high hopes for him as soon as the Yelich deal happened and saw him as potentially the biggest piece in it.
  5. I assumed you watched the installation of it
  6. Right. I assumed they did, based on their own testing and health protocol guide. They made it seem as if rapid results would be a thing with this since it kind of needs to be for this to work.
  7. It is inexcusable that MLB didn't have this prepared better. Mistakes and delays like this shouldn't happen
  8. Yeah, @SongInTheAirhates him so much that Don was convinced to hate him as well.
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