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  1. Why is it @taiwanmarlin and not @taiwanmarlins though?
  2. Oh its the official site, I thought there was a fansite with that URL
  3. Marlins fans will be happy soon... maybe
  4. Brantley is staying with the Astros, NOT the Blue Jays as originally reported.
  5. So much for the fish being out on AB
  6. Good point. Only a coach has done it at this point.
  7. he is already in Miami. He found @SilverBullet's wallet.
  8. I would prefer Anibal for sentimental reasons but either would be fine with me in reality.
  9. Weird thing to say. Did Teheran steal from you or lie to you?
  10. Still almost a month until pitchers and catchers report, plenty of time to add a certain catcher.
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