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  1. I’m a reverse bandwagoner. I didn’t watch today’s game
  2. If you have the Amex Blue Cash card, check your offers. They have 25 off 100 at Fanatics and it can be used twice for a total of 50 off.
  3. Stick around. Just ignore @Das Texan and you’ll fit right in.
  4. Fanatics has free shipping as well Code : FREESHIP Miami Marlins Gear
  5. That blows, there is no good reason they can't have bigger sizes on the fitted ones.
  6. I don't want to say which team I'd prefer to play because it feels like asking for a jinx or curse. Just bring on whoever it is.
  7. How about picking up the 39Thirty Flex? Those have a bit more room on the largest side and they expand more than a fitted.
  8. I agree with everything you said about Jesus, I love him and the way he plays. But, I have to give MVP to Miggy Bro. He was a leader on and off the field, all while being a productive member of the team. He is the captain for a reason.
  9. I was waiting to see how crispy this would be. Wonder what a WS championship would be.
  10. For all of us here, it really is a special moment. So rewarding.
  11. We so easily won that trade. Look at all that money the Yankees owe him.
  12. Get em all for the collection. They all tell a part of the story.
  13. He was up there watching the game with Jose tonight.
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