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  1. Of course. And odds are if they actually did market + 10% they'd be able to land at least one guy they are going for, assuming some other club doesn't overpay more than that. If we do see a target such as Castellanos sign elsewhere for a market deal, we can likely assume they didn't try hard if at all.
  2. This is the kind of comment I'm fearing though. If this happens - some fans (maybe not you) are going to take this as acceptable and say we need to give them another year and try again next off-season. They need to get things done and if it means going above market value, so be it. They have the room in the payroll. They can't possibly swing and miss on every single free agent they target, if they actually give it a real try. I am done moving the goalposts even if some others aren't.
  3. Indeed. He even said in another tweet that this is his opinion only. It is not based on rumors or anything.
  4. You're right, it just seems like the Red Sox and Yankees have played each other millions of times in the playoffs while facing the same restrictions. Though, they probably haven't actually and I am just remembering it that way.
  5. First time the Giants and Dodgers have ever faced each other in the playoffs apparently? Pretty nutty considering how big that rivalry is.
  6. I should’ve seen this coming
  7. Hopefully Bleday can get some good cuts in
  8. Right. They are not about to pay 2 managers at the same time.
  9. Cool. I also said I hope they prove me wrong. I'd love to be wrong.
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. To this point, they've given me zero reasons to believe they will so I am in a "believe it when I see it" mode.
  11. Marlins need to be on the phone with Marte's agent at 12:01 AM when free agency begins. Bring him home.
  12. That's a good show, you ever watch it?
  13. He'll be working the NL Wild Card Game
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