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  1. Just in terms of attracting free agents, they have to try and do at least an extension. Show some kind of commitment to the big league team, any commitment. Extend Sandy A as soon as possible and then hit free agency when that begins.
  2. I am going with Rays as champs
  3. I'd be shocked if he doesn't opt out
  4. What's your World Series prediction?
  5. The season finale Finally.
  6. Penultimate game
  7. It was the moment it happened. Never made sense really.
  8. I don't see them signing ONE big FA, let alone multiple. Prove me wrong, Marlins.
  9. Other teams who actually know how to contend. Also potentially Jeffrey Loria though heavily backloaded when it should be front loaded.
  10. We both know they won't
  11. And I had Rogers on my staff. Damn.
  12. Yeah, you need to have MLB.tv Plus
  13. Do I stream him in my fantasy league? I am in the championship round. Hmmm
  14. Glad to see him lace them up one more time in 2021
  15. Yeah they played circus music after wins and he brought clown noses in one day lol. He got released for being a “bad influence” Word probably got around about what happened and it may have hurt his chances of joining another organization.
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