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  1. This thread is more active when he does well. Marlins fans enjoy being miserable.
  2. Oh so you're back to giving up on him. Because when he started to get hot, you said you were wrong about him. It is hard to keep up with your ever changing scouting reports. I mean if Jesus' BA goes up 20 points in the next 2 weeks you'll be a fan of him again I guess.
  3. I mean he's the same guy who said "Jeez y’all need more games to see Jesus can’t put the wood on MLB pitching?" 2 days after Jesus Sanchez was called up this year (around 50 career total MLB ABs) so it isn't too surprising.
  4. I played SS in my beer league and it was super easy. We should try Alfaro at SS.
  5. I love the debate style of saying "they should've gotten someone else instead" and then when asked who, being told to do your own research. You made the claim, bud.
  6. Just leave BA at 3rd, and sign an OF rather than putting some project at 3B and shifting BA to the OF. I'm sure the Marlins would like this idea though since it'd be cheaper.
  7. Geez this sounds like something a contending team should do. Unless you're expecting we will just not contend I guess.
  8. Alfaro is playing better recently but I don't think he's done enough to justify finding a spot for. We can and should do better.
  9. This is only slightly above the "I'm a pro at MLB The Show" card. I fully believe most MLB players "can play" 3B, but can they play it well enough to be an asset at 3B? We don't need a warm body there, we need a dependable fielder there. Pretty sure 3B at North Florida and 3B in MLB are slightly different for what it is worth.
  10. How about we just sign guys or acquire guys to improve the lineup without moving players to random positions and inevitably making our defense shit?
  11. Yep though it felt like I was being attacked when I would defend him here
  12. He will be at 1b next year, just gives him a way to get into lineup in September I guess.
  13. Happy day of your birth
  14. Going for the series win?
  15. Move on from him and acquire a starting catcher and at least one outfielder, he is neither. And stop having a roster of 3 catchers and yes Alfaro is a catcher no matter what they say.
  16. I didn't say that. I am just stating a fact, he isn't a prospect whether it be fringe or top. He's a young established big leaguer with some success at the MLB level in the past and some struggles recently.
  17. Well well well, look who is back starting game threads
  18. Right. It is like talking to a wall when it comes to rentals. It seems like nobody gets it.
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