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  1. SonOfJack


    I choose to take it from whom it comes, if a loser like @Das Texan thinks we're losers, we're doing something right IMO.
  2. SonOfJack


    Yeah I prefer to build a shit team and then try and win with it.
  3. Someone is cocky, all to get a wild card game in LA or SF.
  4. SonOfJack


    Why don't you stop worrying about it and go to RedBirdFever or whatever your version is called
  5. I like the way you think
  6. I just want to know what the prize inside is
  7. First thought, why? That being said, would you use these?
  8. Series finale, wish it was the season finale!
  9. Is the minor league season even still going?
  10. I wonder if this was related to the VVM bust.
  11. SonOfJack


    It’s bandwagon season. Time to root for a team in playoffs.
  12. This man has seen his last game
  13. Go Fish or maybe better off losing?
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