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  1. Series finale, wish it was the season finale!
  2. Is the minor league season even still going?
  3. I wonder if this was related to the VVM bust.
  4. SonOfJack


    It’s bandwagon season. Time to root for a team in playoffs.
  5. This man has seen his last game
  6. Go Fish or maybe better off losing?
  7. That would be nonsense, of course the manager makes a difference.
  8. When they benched him for Wallach in playoffs, that should have confirmed it IMO. Huge mistake sticking with him after that.
  9. Yeah well the cheap fucks didn't even TRY to sign Realmuto when he was such an obvious perfect player to sign
  10. They need to acquire a catcher this off-season, a legit MLB starter.
  11. Based on the title, I am pretty sure that @Das Texan never attended North Florida.
  12. Is this like how Cliff Floyd is actually Cornelius Clifford Floyd? Is Alex Jackson actually Austin Alex Jackson?
  13. Yeah which obviously they shouldn't do
  14. Well then you'd never make a post again probably.
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