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  1. Yep, it is an easy place to play
  2. If you were a minor leaguer, you'd set the record.
  3. Similar shit with other organizations as well, it is a problem.
  4. SonOfJack


    Leftover Turkey smells so bad. Open the fridge and get a whiff of that ugh.
  5. @pollythewog won't like this post
  6. Why does this series seem so long?
  7. I have read this post and the linked post 10 times now and I still have no idea what you're referring to and why you believe I have dementia.
  8. SonOfJack


    Go to Turkey Hill
  9. They should rename it to the Easy Corner, Hot Corner makes it sound difficult.
  10. This is the perfect response for this thread
  11. Has to be this or a guy like Wander Franco gets fucked by this system.
  12. Stop questioning the man, he played 3B at North Florida.
  13. They blocked my number so I can't ask
  14. I was with @Michael, its always a multiple inning affair when he is involved.
  15. I am no longer amazed at any of Don's decisions
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